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Just another couple of deep sea fish to tide you over (no pun intended) til I have landed in my new home this weekend. The fish are from the previously mentioned Deep Sea exibition in the Natural History Museum in London 2010. Right now I am sitting in a totally (well, almost) empty apartment, about to begin the cleaning up in earnest. The risk that I encounter something like those fish below when I clean out the drain in the bathroom is substantial.

I am really looking forward to the move, which I have written before. What I believe I haven’t mentioned before is that I am moving to a place above the Arctic Circle. It’s going to be very cold, there is midnight sun and hopefully a lot of northern lights over the next couple of years.

Once I have gotten at least some of my things in order I am going to make a blogroll of other blogs I like. First out would be the excellent Inkophile, one of the first blogs on the subject of fountain pens, ink and penmanship I discovered. Warmly recommended.

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The Jaagel

Title: The Jaagel (Jågeln)
Equipment: For the first drawing I used ink, of which kind unknown. I like how the colours have blended. Originally, this drawing is about 10 x 10 cm. I actually made a primary sketch in pencil before inking this one. The second drawing is A4-sized and made with a very soft and fat stick of graphite charcoal I found for sale in a little art shop in the middle of nowhere in the late 90s. I promptly bought all of the sticks. They have a fatty feeling, unlike regular graphite sticks for sketching and are not as dry as ordinary charcoal. No idea of the brand or other information on the qualities of it, since I haven’t used this kind of medium much.
Paper: unknown.
Inspiration: If I told you, a large part of the graphic story mentioned below would be spoiled, so I’ll just not tell you. Ha. It has a great twist in the end that probably will be painfully obvious for everyone right at the first page. We’ll see.
Notes: I do not remember when I made these drawings. Probably between 2001 and 2003. I had an idea for a short, very dark, graphic story involving a skeleton bird with a long neck and a visible brain. So, I drew that bird a lot for a while. Never tried making the story, but it still resides in my mind. If you look at both the pictures you can see that he can be both very sad and very mad. This is important.
One more bird: –> (more…)

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With Teeth

Currently still in the middle of my move. Also on a work-related conference in a place with a rather shaky internet-connection. Let’s see if I’ll be able to post this.

Title: With Teeth
Size: about 15 x 5 cm, app.
Equipment: Staedler technical pen, 0.5 mm (I think)
Computer alteration: trying to make it less blurry. Not succeeding very well.
Paper: No idea.
Inspiration: Dune. If we are keeping this PG-13, which I guess we are. Ahem.
Notes: A while ago I laminated this and put a piece of string with a pearl button on it through a hole in the paper. Voila, instant bookmark. Also good for getting suspicious looks on public transport. (more…)

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I blame Cthulhu

Title: Dancing lady with tentacles (yes, I’m angling for that crowd (no, that pun was not intended))
Size: about 10×7 cm
Equipment: Rotring Art Pen XF with Rotring black ink.
Computer alteration: None. I believe both this post and the previous could have used at least some alteration to bring out the best in them. Will put more effort into cleaning up pictures before posting them when my move is over.
Paper: Unnamed sketchbook from London.
Inspiration: This started off as a dancing lady but ended up somewhere else. I blame Cthulhu. The tentacles weren’t planned at all. Have to make a drawing of this one from the front. Maybe there is just tentacles and no lady at all?
Today’s learning experience None, I already knew how to spell Cthulhu.
Upcoming posts Before I leave for a work-related conference nex week I hope to post a librarian monster and a very colorful myller. There is also another fountain pen post planned, this time I’d like to present to you a very smooth Hebborn with Noodler’s Kiowa Pecan.

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I’m in the middle of a move half a country away, so I expect this posting thing is going to be a bit irregular for a couple of weeks. I’m moving to a place a long way from friends and family, and I hope the blogging will be a way to connect not only to likeminded people on the net but also to people I love that are far away. *Waves* (no pun intended).

Title: Mad Fish Again
Size: app. 5 x 7 cm.
Computer alteration: none on the fish. For the photographs below I used my MacBook pro built-in camera. I think it turned out quite well.
Equipment: Pentel Aquash brushes + ink and Scriptorium Oak Gall Ink with a dip pen with a steel nib (se pictures below). Also Pentel Brush Pen (no picture available). Good pen though, with a big cartridge filled with permanent black ink. The Aquash pens are filled with Noodler’s black and Lamy black. The steel nib is from a thrift store, and I have several of the same sort. They are marked MMYERS & SON 0062, if anyone is interested. For steel nibs, they are nice. Acceptable flex too, and an appealing design.
Paper: Little book of Monsters. Unnamed paper made for dry media. The same one as the Little Green Girl Monster. No problems with feathering in this drawing though, probably because of the viscosity and other properties of the ink(s) used.
Inspiration: The same exhibition as the Shrimp Sucking on Tentacle post from the day before yesterday. When I first thought of starting a blog I planned to name it ”Meandering Towards Monsters”, since I seem to always end up with lots of teeth, bulging eyes, tentacles and giant mouths when I sketch without thinking (the difference in motif selection from when I practise regular drawing with thoughts behind it being, alas, nil (sic)). I am interested in intuitive drawing and will explore this further in the months to come (and I almost wrote ”monsthers to come”, how is that for inituitive?). This is not a particular species of fish/monster but rather my subconscious interpretation of the exhibition as a whole after a night of deep blue dreams of shiny monsterfish. (more…)

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Important Notice: “Anachroneironaut” is a bloody long name for a blog when you carefully make a header in pseudo-calligraphy and then commence cleaning up the lines in the computer. Just thought I’d inform you of that.

(Current) Header

Pen and ink used to create header

Title: Header, Mabie Todd Blackbird and Burma Road Brown
Size: ca 4 x 15 cm (header).
Equipment: Text: Mabie-Todd Blackbird semi-flex lever-filler with Noodler’s Burma Road Brown. One of my favourite inks at the moment. Ordered it from Goulet Pens, recommended!
Computer alteration: Removal of background and a slight change in colour intensity and brightness/contrast (the scanned header) and heightening of brightness (the photographs). These pictures are an excellent example how different the same ink can look in different circumstances. The header is scanned and the intensity of the colour is heightened a bit. I have made no changes in hue or colour balance! The photograph is taken in natural light (with my digital camera, Casio Ex-H15). Looks like two different inks altogether… The true colour (looking at my own screen anyway) lies somewhere in between and is heavily dependent on the paper and light conditions. But it is definitly a warm colour.
Paper: Same ol’ Seawhite of Brighton.
Inspiration: I started writing down my dreams when I was 11 years old, in a book I got from my aunt. A brown book with a fish on it. Some of the time I had lucid dreams . Over the years I have been more or less good at writing down my dreams and working on lucid dreaming, but I have always had a dreamjournal. A lucid dreamer is sometimes called an Oneironaut – one who walks in dreams. I have a fascination for time-travelling as well as timelessness and times past. To me, an anachronaut is a person who enjoy exploring anachronism.
A fascination that is bigger than either of the above ones is words. I have a slight case of synasthesia and I love the the very concept of putting words together to add to and change the meaning of them. Anachroneironaut is practically impossible to spell, but I couldn’t help it. I had to make it my own. (more…)

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Title: Shrimp Sucking on Tentacle, Pelican Eel Screaming in Background.
Size: ca 18 x 12 cm
Equipment: Rotring Art Pen EF with the ink that came with the pen when I bought it. A pen with too small a cartridge.. Not really happy with the Art Pen, unfortunately, I wonder if I might have gotten a bad one. I have several other fountain pens with stiff, XF/F nibs that are smoother than the Art Pen. Also, it annoys me that it is not possible to post it (I know it is supposed to work, but I can’t make it work on this particular pen) (posting, for the non-pen-initiated reading this, is when you put the cap on the bottom of the pen while using the pen.
Computer alteration: I removed some other fish and various scribbles in the background, but in general I try to keep my notebooks airy so, not very much is removed. Also changed brighness/contrast a little.
Paper: Seawhite of Brighton 140 gsm extra wet strength.
Inspiration: Went to the exhibition ”The Deep” at the Natural History Museum in London in May 2010. Loved every minute! Tagline: ”If you lived down here, you’d look weird too”. Yes, indeed… The constellation of the sketches wasn’t really intended, but it made for a fine title. If I continue like this, I’ll have a very strange crowd following in the end of the year (yes, please!). (more…)

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Title: Little Green Girl Monster
Size: 7 x 5 cm
Equipment: Lamy Safari demonstrator with Noodler’s Gruene Cactus, water and a synthetic brush.
Computer alteration: I actually darkened this one a bit. Paradoxically, it brought out the lighter areas in the image.
Paper: About a year ago I started drawing in a very small no-brand sketchbook from London (7×7 cm) that quickly got the name “the Little Book of Monsters” (who is surprised?). Every page (about 10 done by now) is a small picture of a monster. This was one of the first ones.
In the detail photo after the cut, you can quite clearly see feathering, which I used in this image as an effect. Feathering is (apart from being a beautiful word) when the porousness and fiber properties of the paper makes the ink diffuse and spread in all directions. If it spreads through to the other side of the paper it is called bleedthrough. Usually, especially when writing, feathering is a bad thing and often associated with bad quality paper (at least for writing purposes). For a close-up picture, see below. (more…)

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Header and appearance update…

Some changes in the appearance/layout of the blog in general and the header in particular.

I choose green as an accent colour amidst all the black, grey and white. My top five favourite colours are dusky grayish purple (like rain clouds at sunset), greenish gray (as moss through mist), golden green (like spaghnum moss in the sun) and rich dirt brown with a green hue (like earth with a translucent growth of algae) and finally steel blue gray (like thunderclouds).

Which are your favourite colours? And for the ink-obsessed readers, which inks do you think matches my favourite colours?

In the header I choose to have a little green Girl Monster. I think it matches the green accent theme of the blog, not sure how long she will be staying up there. Will present her closer in my next post later tonight.
The written title will also have its own post, as soon as I find the camera and can take a picture of the pen and the ink I used in creating it. In that post I will also tell you how I came up with the name “Anachroneironaut”.

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