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…and strange colours appeared in the sky.

A friend on facebook made a smart comment on the fact that I bought a violin, a comment that went straight over my head at first. Then, I had one of those “aaaah!”-moments.

He asked if the violin was an Erich Zann edition from the 20s. The photograph of the strange vertical rainbow-like phenomenon is from the same week (I hadn’t told anyone about this sighting, which makes this story even better). Needless to say, I am very happy with my violin.

A vertical rainbow? A sunset rainbow in midnight sun-country? Or something else?

You can read a lot more about photographing rainbows on the pages of “Finding and Photographing Rainbows” by Tom Field. I found this link very inspiring and informative!

In other news, this is developing into a personal blog, not so much super-focused on drawing and fountain pens. I am not unhappy with this, but I still hope to add some more drawings shortly. And that eyeballs-post I have promised you for at least a couple of months now. Also, more sky phenomena to come. Yep, really.

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