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Soon there will be dark 24/7 here for a while. Can’t say I’m that disappointed. The Northern Lights makes up for it. Quite nice the other night, I will try to get some good pictures of it the next time it happens.

Since getting my tremendous view I am very inspired by the sky and clouds. Not so much fish and sea, since I live far from any water. Case in point, see my winged creatures in my last two posts. There is a couple of pictures of strange and monstrous clouds awaiting publication in the weeks to come. With drawings inspired by them of course.

Oh, and I added a new picture to the “about”-page. It is from 2010 and I am wearing one of my favourite hats toghether with my favourite pince-nez. It is anonymous enough to make me comfortable publishing it, yet (re)presentable.

Speaking of glasses, I have never ordered from Eyeglasses Warehouse, but I definitely will in the future. More pince-nez, but I also need new, round glasses. They are impossible to get in standard shops. The best you can hope for is the kids’ department Harry Potter-inspired frames. Not working for me. Thanks to my optician uncle I got two pairs of nice, small and round spectacles with my prescription strength glasses a couple of years ago (sic). They suit me well and I get complimented on them quite often. Next in line is photochromic glasses in frames like the ones I own. Perhaps in gold as well as silver. Green, gray, amber, perhaps even purple?
Oh, a language-related enquiry: is it eyeglasses, glasses or spectacles, or frames even? I am confused.

I feel I messed up the grammar in this post spectacularly (hehe). I worked Friday night to Saturday morning and then Sunday morning to Monday morning this weekend. Still a bit tired and feverish today, so I stayed at home sleeping between 7 pm to 4 am. Tough but rewarding work, especially on friday. But as you might have noticed, I am starting to post more regularly again.

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Happy skulls with wings...

Title: Happy Skulls with Wings
Size: Um, 2×10 cm?
Equipment: Brush pen, Noodler’s Black, Lamy Safari. The usual trade.
Computer alteration: No, but bad scan. Sorry.
Paper: Seawhite of Brighton. I am way overdue writing them some fanmail.
Inspiration: I wrote a long, rather mediocre poem about unrest and illustrated it with various little drawings. These guys stayed in my mind much longer than the poem. They remind me of Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck (Knatte, Fnatte och Tjatte in Swedish).
Notes: I very seldom draw skulls. To be honest I am not very fond of skulls as a motif at all. Not sure why.
Links: The use of skulls in art in the way that touches me the most must be in the genre Memento Mori. The first painting from this genre of art that I can remember seeing is Charles Allan Gilberts “All is Vanity”. I believe I saw it in one of my father’s art history books. I’d like to make something in that genre as well, but not with skulls.

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I have been having a hard time at work lately. Due to various political and local problems, people quitting and such. Not being happy at work and having to spend days solving useless administrative problems instead of doing worthwhile things have made me tired and actually rather depressed. On the other hand, hitting your head against walls does make it more sturdy, ne?

This little drollery, a saucer/sausage, is a little over a year old and made with the lovely combination (if I remember correctly) of Noodler’s Apache Sunset in a Lamy Safari and some black ink (Noodler’s?) in another Lamy Safari (drawin with the tip turned upside down for app 0.5 mm line breadth). The paper is lined Rhodia that is very pleasant to write on, although I prefer my paper blank for obvious reasons.

I think he is flying to a happier place and that he is rather determined to get there. Wish him luck, because I might be going with him!

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