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My little Griffin came on pen-and-ink-rewarding place in the Noodler’s Art Competition. I was really happy to recieve the fantastic letter with the custom sticker depicting my own contribution, the burgundy Konrad flex pen, and a bottle of Rome Burning ink. I am in the middle of another move, but broke it out of the box immediately yesterday (it took a couple of extra days to reach me, overseas, recent address change and above the Arctic Circle).

Here is the video with an introduction, all the entries and Mr Nathan Tardif showing off the properties of Rome Burning.

Here is my prize (ink bottle not shown) and a writing test (and a very small monster, for propriety’s sake).

Konrad pen, Rome Burning ink

There is some shading, more clearly visible in the scanned writing sample below. Right-click images to make them bigger.

Scanned. Konrad flex pen.

I also experimented using a dip pen. See behind the cut for (more…)

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Title: The Upside-Down Cat from Edinburgh
Size: app. 10×15 cm.
Equipment: Parker 51 and Noodler’s Black as usual.
Computer alteration: Oh my. I haven’t had access to my scanner for almost a month by now. This is photographed with the iMac camera, made black-and-white the brightness/contrast is heightened. Sorry for the bad quality.
Paper: Clairefontaine.
Inspiration: Years and years ago I read the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. In the beginning of the book there is one exercise where the aim is to draw/retrace an image turned upside-down. To focus on lines and their relations instead of the motif. I couldn’t stop thinking of this exercise and the book while I was petting and drawing this cat.

Notes: I found this cat outside of one of the greenhouses at the Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh. I always make sure to visit the botanic garden in all cities I travel to. Not sure if it was some sort of garden-cat (which I would like to think) or a domestic houscat visiting a sunny spot on a bench just for the petting opportunities.
Important notice: Yes, I have noticed that the cat seems to have a third ear growing out of his forhead. This is probably because it is a monster-cat.
Reading tips Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. A classic, as most of you probably already know.
In Other News: I had a splendid time in Edinburgh, although very focused on the “business” part of the trip which was interesting in itself. I’d like to think I managed my spoken (at times scientific/technical) english quite well during my stay. I ruined everything on the way to the airport though, when I asked the lady in the tourist office where to go to “catch the flying buses”. Eh.

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