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Travelling to Venice off-season had several advantages. Even though I still found the amount of tourists to be slightly overwhelming, I appreciated that it was very possible to sneak away somewhere quiet with ease. Also, ice-cream in november! Thankfully the fiancé is fluent in “waving-arms-around-and-sounding-very-insistent” (a very uncommon skill among Swedes) which helped us just as much as his very basic Italian. I promised feverently to work on my french to make up for him doing most of the communication during this trip. We also practised a simplified version of Swedish sign language and I am now fluent in the alphabet and some basic signs.

I went from this (3rd of November)

To this (Murano, 6th of November)

I got inspired to droll this in the margins of a nontebook. It is unfortunately made with fiber-tipped pens (Artline 0.05) since the tip of my beloved Parker 51 got bent and unfortunately broke during repair. It now has a much broader nib that I don’t draw with (yet). I am waiting for a new EF Parker 51 from Ebay though. I hope it is as good as the old “Birger” (the pen that broke had a personalized barrel…).

Steampunky masked ladies

We were lucky staying at Hotel Mignon. Tiny and cosy room, very clean and nice bathroom and a small terrace. Very nice personnel. If I go to Venice again, I book a room there.

Although many of the more touristy souvenirs clearly were shipped directly from countries where labor is cheap, we managed to get to look at several craftsmen (and women) at work. Below is a very life-like spider by an artisan who made insects from a scientific book. I would have liked to get one of the Stag Beetles (“Ekoxe” in Swedish, family Lucanidae) but an albino frog caught my eye, and there you go…

I loved the canals and alleys, ubiquitous (I also love having an excuse for using that word) in Venice. I liked not having to bother with cars or bikes. Relaxing. The air was good as well, scent of the sea and nothing else (except a stray whiff of seafood). Living smack dab in the middle of fell-and-bog-country, I miss the sea of my childhood home.

I believe marbling paper, binding books and making masks were the biggest inspirations I got from this trip. Also, lots of nice mental images from lurking around in a place which with a little fantastic application was very reminiscent to the faboulous Gentleman bastard sequence by Scott Lynch, famously started with “The Lies of Locke Lamora”. I might write more about that book when I start my planned category “Recently Read”, which have been brewing in my mind for some time now.


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…and in the darkness find it.

(Yes, bad joke. I blame the late hour. Most of you won’t get it anyway, which might be a good thing)

My father found this cabinet in an antiques shop. He vacillated. I had to have it. I got it. As soon as I find somewhere to live (yep, still undecided) and work (yep, still undecided) I’ll get to use it. Meanwhile, my father will “lend” it for a while. I have to get my own place, q u i c k!

This cabinet is simply perfect for storing my many different projects. At the moment these (the type of cabinet, not my projects) are quite popular in Sweden (also, elsewhere, I think) and I seldom see ones this old for sale, let alone at an affordable price (YMMV). Some people paint them white and write encouraging things on them. I think it is perfect and encouraging enough as it is.

Note also that I have a father who keeps a huge clamp in his cellar. Cool clamp. Awesome father.

Upcoming: Venice-report, Drolldragons, steampunk and much more. I have been in a creative mood lately!

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Title: Old Myller and a trip to Venice
Thesaurus: mentioned in my second post ever on the blog, “myller” is an onomatopoetic word in Swedish that I like a lot. There is not a good translation in english (“swarm” does not cut it. Perhaps “something packed with writhing, moving things that does not have to be disgusting”. Eh. It is not used a lot in Swedish either, but I tend to use many forgotten or underprivilieged words).
Notes: My first try at a coloured myller. Not very successful, this is only a small part of it. I don’t remember many details regarding the equipment. I made it three years ago, when I had just discovered drawing with fountain pens. Probably there is a Rotring Art Pen involved, and black Parker QuiINK (sic).
In Other News: Going to Venice for a week. According to blog statistics 60 views of the blog since 25th of February 2012 is from Italy! Keep in touch if you are in the area or if you have tips on what to do in Venice. I am not going to bring my computer, but will hopefully be able to check my E-mail at times anyway.
In other news: I love looking at the statistics on who have visited the blog. I have had visitors from SEVENTY countries since February this year. That is nothing short of amazing!

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