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The Wizard

Title: The Wizard
Size: cut from A6.
Equipment: Parker 51 EF, B. Noodler’s Black. Diamine Damson. Waterwashed with W&N Kolinsky brush.
Computer alteration: Scanned, some brightening and added contrast, but not very much.
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g.
Inspiration: Lost socks and the birds responsible.
Notes: Well. You know. When a red bird meets a purple bird, sparks might fly. In a good way. The two-coloured birds are often a bit magically talented, travelling från gang to gang, tribe to tribe doing odd but probably important things involving making strange gestures.
Important notice: He is NOT scratching his wingpit. I think. Eh.
In other news: I am frightfully tired of not having a proper place to live. I want a place of my own, where I know I will live for years and years ahead! I want somewhere to put all my little projects! I passed my Important Exam. Now I look forward to several years, perhaps an eternity, never having to take an exam again (knowing myself, I’ll probably end up starting a PhD so take what I write with a grain of salt, please). Now, if I only knew where

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I love my fathers candles. Next year we are probably going to make another batch. He mixes old candlestubs with wax from cheeses and beeswax. The candles are incredibly drippy, sparkly, horribly unpractical and as much the epitome of candleness as you could ever imagine.

In the background is one of my ensouled creatures, Lillnos. The name is a compund of “little” and “snout” in Swedish. In 2011 we were visiting Kew Gardens in London, as we do every year (well, since -09, anyway). On the 50% off-table I see this bulky little creature. The only one of his kind there. I stare at him, for some reason. We make our (hours long) tour of the garden, have our usual picknick. On our way out we take another tour of the gift-shop. I decide to buy him, for rather expensive 8 pounds. The woman at the check-out informs me that he is a book-end, that all the other bookends sold in pairs. That his mate somehow got lost, making Lillnos the odd one out and only one left. Outside of the shop, I unexpectedly burst into tears. I felt like I had saved him. At home, he quickly made friends with an as yet unnamed little creature who now resides on his shoulders at all times.

Happy holidays, whichever one you are celebrating!

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Sometimes I do deserve my finds. Sometimes I am just lucky.


In a big lot of writing equipment (the same I got this pen in), I aquired these pencil sharpeners. One Faber “Janus” and one Faber “Minfix”, both in heavy brass. A quick check on Ebay reveals that the different “Janus”-models are quite collectible and has sold for between 20 and 100 US dollars and the “Minfix” has sold for between 13-30 US dollars. Not bad! I find both of them practical as well as pretty (fine design AND functionality, great!). I will probably not sell them, since I need them if I am going to draw more in pencil, something that I have planned for the not so immediate future. I bought the book “Drawing realistic textures in pencil” by J.D Hillberry a while ago. It stares at me from my bookcase. Looking forward to explore it, at a glance it seems really good.

At first I thought that the works of the fantastic Travis Louie was made in pencil, but they seem to actually be in acrylic. I strongly recommend his stories and drawings. The blog hasn’t been updated for a while, but I have seen one of his drawings on a book cover recently. I especially like the “unusual pets”-series. You probably do not have to ask me why if you take a look at them.

More pictures after the cut: (more…)

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Sockbird 8

Title: Baby Purple
Size: cut from A6.
Equipment: Parker 51 EF, B. Noodler’s Black. Diamine Damson. Waterwashed with W&N Kolinsky brush.
Computer alteration: Scanned, a bit more brightened and heightened contrast than the other birds. For good or bad? Not sure, I think I might have gone a bit overboard.
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g.
Inspiration: Lost socks and the birds responsible.
Notes: as I think I might have mentioned, the purple birds are very shy. Especially when small and vulnerable. They also suffer from the misconception that they are invisible when they hide their head in their socks. This is not true, but partially effective since no predator could ever hurt something this cute.
Important notice: I adore his little tail!
In other news: I’m not going to Stockholm for work. Oh, well. Since there is no real possibility of going further north in Sweden, I guess I am still heading south. I have narrowed it down to just a couple possibilities now.
The future of the sockbirds: up ahead is the very second and the very third sockbird I made. They are more like sketches than proper birds, but I think the bird-ancestors deserve their place in the blog as well.
Upcoming: See above. Also, around Christmas/Saturnalia/New years I am happy to be able to present Hemlo to you. Hemlo is something made of clay. I cannot say any more, since my fiance is the recipient of Hemlo (and frightfully good at guessing which gifts he is going to recieve).

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I had doubts using the word “loot” as a category, since I am aware that it can have negative connotations. Sometimes, making finds on Tradera and Ebay, I almost feel like a looter, getting amazing stuff for next to nothing. Just almost, though. I am content with the fact that I buy to use and that I take care of my things according to their proper value (e g not letting them rot away somewhere dark and dusty).

This is from my latest netlooting:

Ink: Burma Road Brown (same as the blog header, BTW. The header is scanned and the above image is obviously a photograph. BRB is a chamelon ink!). My penmanship is a bit shaky since I spent about 10 minutes trying to separate the section from the barrel before making the text sample.
Pen: Mabie-Todd Blackbird Self Filling pen. The cap, the section, the feed and the barrel are all marked “blackbird” with a fine imprint. The black hard rubber parts are faded, but nicely coloured still, I think. No clip. Lever not gold, I think this is the original furniture. Sac perished, of course.
Nib: Nib 14ct, not numbered. Seems to be a medium with some flex. Standard (but oh, so wonderful) fare for these pens (just like the Moore L-92 I wrote about earlier this year).
Spectacles: one of my other obsessions that has not appeared on this blog before. I collect them. These were a good find. They are genuine, in very good shape and will do nicely in the spring. I have another similar pair but I like having a second pair in reserve.
Shameless boasting: I paid about 6 dollars for the pince-nez and 15 dollars for the lot containing the Blackbird (an enourmous lot with, among other things, Caran D’Ache leads, two antique lead sharpeners (pics a-coming) and eight (8!) old drafting compasses). Making finds like this is obviously one of my greatest talents.

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