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Look, another Thumbbird! I had almost forgotten they existed.


Today is my birthday. I am not one for lavish celebrating of birthdays. I do not mind, though. I seem to have missed out on the fear of aging that so many of my contemporaries suffer from. I like getting older. I adore (to my fiancées amusement) my approximately ten white hairs that annoyingly showed up in the middle of my scalp, not at my temples (which would have been way more distinguished-looking). They also have a tendency to stick right up, since they are coarser and shorter than the other hairs. I see this as a prelude to me becoming a very odd sort of little (well, 5.9) white haired mad scientist-type lady.

Seems like I will stay above the Arctic Circle another month, til the end of March. There will be a week of skiing and I have two great interviews planned. I expect to get at least one offer, if not two. I think I am a great fit at both places, one in particular. If I get the one I really want, I’ll not commence working until after summer this year. Economically this is a bit suboptimal, but it will give me plenty of time to read, make art and spend time with family. In other words, things that are more valuable than making money. I’m of the frugal sort anyway, so it’s not a huge problem.

Another view, this time of the mine:


I’ll miss this place!

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Here is the drollery from the previous post, but in its natural habitat. I really like doing long, complicated lists and decorating them.


I really like the hanging dragon in the bottom of the picture. As you can see, this is reminiscent of the background art of the blog. I have some plans on making another complicated, detailed work of art with pen and ink, but this time with fountain pens in A3 (background was made with fiber-tipped pens in A4).

When I get my next job I think I am going to sponsor myself with a modified Namiki Falcon XXF (spencerian modification) from Richard Binder. I’d like to see what I can make with that kind of instrument. I am planning om spending some more time on Fountain Pen Network and perhaps getting a used one. They somtimes show up in the marketplace. In this review by The Penny Writer there is some pictures of a modified Namiki Falcon that got me interested in this pen. Here is another on the calligraphy blog A Place To Flourish by Jane Farr, a very inspiring artist. There is also some reviews and more photos on Richard Binders homepage and on Fountain Pen Network (take a look in the subforum with Japanese pens, Pens from the Land of the Rising Sun where I found this impressive Youtube review of the pen).

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This is my new view. I moved about 20 meters, to apartment- and cat-sit a few weeks for a friend who is away working. This will continue either til the middle of march or until I get a job (still no news) and know where I am headed next. The uncertainty is getting to me a little, but I try (and somewhat succeed) to enjoy the moment. Not too difficult, when I am waking up to scenes like this:

nother view

I now live with boxes, cats and assorted books and trinkets I could not make myself to stove away properly (I have always liked to really live in my living space). One thing that is packed is my ink and art stuff collection (part of it, anyway) below. These things have a tendency to accumulate. Nota bene, this is far from everything I’ve got:

Art Stuff

Here is a monster to keep you hanging on to the blog (hopefully) until I once again have access to a scanner (maybe, just maybe some sockbirds are waiting to be published).


This is a proper drollery, taken from the margin of my standard notebook where I write (eh, draw) various lists (the lists oftentimes gets overtaken by monsters and vines). Originally about 3×4 cm, Noodler’s Black and Diamine Poppy Red on Clairefontaine paper. With Parker 51 pens. As usual.

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