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I have finally found my scanner. Here we go, the first of two grey sockbirds. I got the idea of sockbirds specialized in woolen socks since I bought grey-striped knitted (knit?) socks at a Christmas market last December.

Sockbird 12

Title: The Grey Gourmand
Size: cut from A5.
Equipment: Parker 51 EF with Pelikan Black. Parker 51 Fantasy Kullock (demonstrator) with J Herbin Gris Nuage (so smooth, like drawing with a brush). Washed partly with water, partly with the grey ink. So, many shades of grey, came out quite well. For comparison, I have added a copy converted to greyscale behind the cut. To illustrate the many shades of “dirty” grey coming out in mixes/shades with other colours.
Computer alteration: Scanned, slightly brightened and heightened contrast. Removed a couple of spots of unknown inky origin. An ink drollery on the back of this drawing shone through (sic), which led to a need for a bit more brightening than I would have liked. I like texture. Proper, IRL texture. Part of the reason I have yet to go digital.
Important notice: since the grey sockbirds haven’t got any colours (really, even if there are hues of other colours), they have the diagonally striped feathers in black and white (or: my excuse for getting to draw the near-ubiquitous striped bands I like. See background, top right, for example).
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g.
Inspiration: Lost socks and the birds responsible.
Notes: Well, obviously this bird isn’t comfortable. In fact, he looks rather miserable. This made me able to identify him as a gourmand. Woolen socks are obviously a bit harder to digest than standard striped socks. Since we see only one sock in the picture, the other is likely swallowed and making trouble already.
Upcoming: another member of the grey gang. Also, a couple of general updates. I am also working in clay again.

Behind the cut: the same image, in greyscale.

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