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Oh, what of it.

I’m back after eight months of silence. Real Life got in the way. Now I’m back! New year and sort of an updated online presence. I have aquired an Instagram account (anachroneironaut, for some reason Anachroneironaut wasn’t available).

I’m not going to be able to recap the lion part of 2014 to my satisfaction, so I’ll just pick up right here and now and post bits and pieces as I go along. There are plans for 2015, some of which have already sprouted. Among them the epic Fish Pepper, a favourite from last year. A chile pepper with striped pods and variegated foliage. Great looking plant.

Fish Pepper - Capsicum anuum.

Fish Pepper – Capsicum anuum

One of the reasons I’ve had such a long blog hiatus was me not drawing enough and wanting the next post to be a drawing.  On the other hand, the Fish Pepper is truly as fantastical as anything I could draw at the moment. This article made me buy the seed over a year ago: Fish Peppers – Mother Earth News.

Fish Pepper rainbow

Pods in various stages of maturation

Fish Pepper White BIG

Sometimes the pods go all white

Upcoming: I am buying a Namiki Falcon, finally, from The Goulet Pen Company. Look forward to flex nib drawing in the months to come. Sweet. I am going to try out some black inks and focus on B&W line drawing only for a while, to get going again.

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