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Varanus congregatiensis

I am not very fond of meetings. Especially not meetings where time seems to falter and stop, or slowly, slowly circle the drain of eternity.

When I was younger and bored in class as a student (well, I was a student until about age 30, so unfortunately not that long ago), I drew. I did not bother to hide it.  I may even have surrounded myself with a small cloud of ostentatiousness while doing it.

Edit: The Birdmonster of 2011, one of my very first blog posts, is a typical example of this./edit

I try to be a little more professional nowadays, but sometimes I slip up and something, or someone, slips out of my pen. This one even had demands. Say hi!


Made in with black Staedler fiber tipped technical pens in 0.1 mm on regular horrid office paper. Note also that I definitely have a regular  writing style a long, sad way from copperplate. Not that lizards generally would speak in copperplate. Or maybe they would?




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