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Title: Hothouse Cocoon People
Size: 8×5 cm
Equipment: Parker 51 (EF nib) with Noodler’s Black, Parker 51 Fantasy (Kullock) M nib with Burma Road Brown. Kolinsky sable brush, W&N series 7.
Computer alteration: edited out some notes at the left.
Paper: Clairefontaine
Inspiration: Brian Aldiss Hothouse. One of the first and finest SF-books I ever read.
Notes: This is another drollery from the margins of my sketchbook-cum-calendar. I draw and write a page for each week, filling in lists, stuff to do per day, plans, etc. Much more fun than a regular, lined calendar.
Important notice: I am not sure what will happen when they hatch.
Reading tips Brian Aldiss Hothouse. I have still not read it in english, and I wish I had an early edition from the 60s or 70s as I love the design of old SF/Fantasy pocket-books. The book spurned a long “graphic-novel”esque production from me at app age 12, a heap of papers which I still have hidden somewhere. I do not recall very much of the story, but I remember being happy drawing it.
Links: in this year-old article from The Guardian, famous authours picked their favourite SF books. Stephen Baxter choose Hothouse. The article is full of good recommendations, go read it!
In other news: yep, I got a Kullock Fantasy Parker 51. It is a demonstrator and it has a nice, smooth medium nib. I currently have Burma Road Brown in it as it is an ink I enjoy drawing with, but I should really have a more spectacular lighter ink in it, to get the most out of it as a demonstrator pen. I’m thinking of R&K Alt Goldgrün. I am in a green mood, as always.

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