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I like the claws and the tail the most...

Title: Grumpy Librarian Sphinx
Size: I need to get a ruler. Eh. About 15×10 cm.
Equipment: 0.3 Pilot Hi-Tecpoint 5 fiber-tipped mess of a pen.
Computer alteration: None. Scanned.
Paper: Old sketchbook from Becker-Hansen, at least 30-40 years old.
Inspiration: My subconscious. Several months after I created this image I read the great short story ”In the Stacks” by Scott Lynch. It is about an apprentice magician and his classmates doing a very impressive and dangerous task as a class assignment, returning books to the gigantic magical library. They encounter lots of strange creatures, I believe my grumpy librarian-sphynx would fit right in. You can find the story in the anthology “Swords and Dark Magic”, edited by Jonathan Strahan and Lou Anders. Go read it!
Notes: Another rather old drawing made with fiber-tipped pens. Sigh. Have been busy at work for some time now, not feeling inspired to draw. But soon there is London, I’m sure my muse will awaken when prodded by markets, museums, a bright orange hotel room and countless croissants.
Links: I can warmly recommend Uppsala English Bookshop for all your literary needs. Great prices, great staff and all around a very cosy place to be. Haven’t tried ordering by mail yet, since I’ve moved so far away. Definitely on the to-do list.
Upcoming: I’m thinking on publishing a post with similar drawings, one with fountain pens and ink and one made with fiber-tipped pens and the poor, abused Tradio Stylo (if I can find my old one). Then compare them with focus on line consistency, colour intensity, smearing, etc. I feel I’m making the impression of being on some sort of crusade against the poor fiber-tipped pens here, but… Ah, perhaps I am. Ahem. Where did the Shameless Preaching category go?

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Title: Dreamy ladies (perhaps clichélves)
Media: 0.1 Staedtler and 0.3 Pilot Hi-Techpoint 5 technical pens. Lamy Safari with Noodler’s black ink. I like the Lamy Studio, I have it in Fine point and I can get a thinner line from the pen if I use the nib upside down. If you draw with pen and ink, try fountain pens, and you’ll never go back. Refillable as well, which makes them more economical. And you can choose which ink you want! The image is edited in PS, contrast and brightness and stuff. I know next to nothing about computer modification, I usually play around a bit til it looks good on my screen.
Paper: About 20 x 10 cm. Old sketchbook from Becker-Hansen, at least 30-40 years old. Cool yellowed paper.
Inspiration: this is more or less the usual doodle-fare for me. Except the strange absence of monsters and teeth. (more…)

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