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Title: Doubtful Birdman
Media: Staedler Technical pen
Paper: about 3×5 cm, no-name trash paper. Image taken from a lecture note and cleaned up in PhotoShop. Changed Brightness/Contrast and converted to greyscale.
Inspiration: My subconscious.
Notes: Birdmen like this one can also be seen in the background of the blog, for details see the very first post.
The Birdmen are a reccuring theme in my doodles and sketches. Sometimes they have suits on, sometimes they have lots of teeth. This one is just a sketch, but I like his doubtful expression. Note that his mouth goes all the way down his neck. This is important.

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Also the background of the blog, this drawing was created in autumn 2009 with inferior and expensive pens, fiber tipped and scratchy. It is the first serious drawing I made since about 2003, when Real Life and studying gave me a massive “artist’s block” and I was unable to create anything at all for years. Making this drawing, originally A4-sized, made my slumbering creativity wake up and since then I’ve discovered all sorts of wonderful media and instruments which I am sure I will write more about in the weeks and months to come.

Title: Myller (A Myriad)
Media: permanent fine tipped technical pens, Staedler, Zig and others 0.05-2 mm. If I remember correctly I adjusted the contrast on the computer after scanning.
Paper: Markerblock A4, Canson 70gr (no bleedthrough at all!)
Inspiration: I read a lot of Charles de Lint when creating this. A highly recommended author for dreamy dark folk fantasy. Homepage of Charles de Lint
Notes: Made freehand, as is most of my work. The girl looking through the spiderweb in the left upper corner is supposed to be me.

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