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Sockbird 10

These are the very first sketches (sorry, drolleries) I made of the sockbirds. The sockbirds are probably among the creatures I created 2012 that I like best. The blog has been going strong with approximately two posts a week now for two years. I hope this will continue. I still have a lot to do, especially when it comes to tidying up my links and such to the right. I have several more to add. I reckon I will post more often in 2013.

Sockbird 11

In other news: I have almost 40 followers! This is very cool. Don’t be afraid to comment, ask or link. I am especially looking for other art-blogs with a lot of information on _how_ the images are created, not just the pretty pictures.

The near future: I become jobless and homeless the 31st of January, I will be living with a friend in February. This will probably affect the blog. I have some images scanned that I plan to use, but I will not have access to the scanner until I’ve moved for good. In March I hope I have solved the which-city-will-i-live-in-problem so I at least know where to move. I vacillate whether to buy an apartment or find some roommates. Money is not that tight, but savings are not endless.

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Title: Old Myller and a trip to Venice
Thesaurus: mentioned in my second post ever on the blog, “myller” is an onomatopoetic word in Swedish that I like a lot. There is not a good translation in english (“swarm” does not cut it. Perhaps “something packed with writhing, moving things that does not have to be disgusting”. Eh. It is not used a lot in Swedish either, but I tend to use many forgotten or underprivilieged words).
Notes: My first try at a coloured myller. Not very successful, this is only a small part of it. I don’t remember many details regarding the equipment. I made it three years ago, when I had just discovered drawing with fountain pens. Probably there is a Rotring Art Pen involved, and black Parker QuiINK (sic).
In Other News: Going to Venice for a week. According to blog statistics 60 views of the blog since 25th of February 2012 is from Italy! Keep in touch if you are in the area or if you have tips on what to do in Venice. I am not going to bring my computer, but will hopefully be able to check my E-mail at times anyway.
In other news: I love looking at the statistics on who have visited the blog. I have had visitors from SEVENTY countries since February this year. That is nothing short of amazing!

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…from the blog background, at the very top. These two are among my favourite creatures in that drawing. Here they are:

This post is also the one-year anniversary for this blog! Horray! The anniversary is really the 22nd, but I unexpectedly got to go to work tomorrow, so here we go today instead. 53 posts, almost exactly one each week.

Title: The Pale Guards
Inspiration: These little guys just came out of nowhere.
Notes: As you can se the left one has escaped the knotwork (I had a thing for knotwork a while ago, I still haven’t given up getting better at it). The other guard is still entangled.
I need to make more “myller” (see the very first post of the blog to see more of the original drawing).
In Other News: the following year I hope to post a little bit more often. I would also like to investigate how to make prints/litographies of some of my work, I am also planning to get going with fountain pen restoration. In December I bought a couple of books on how to make dolls and I plan on making a small, jointed swamp-elf doll sometime in 2012. It will be an exciting year, hopefully better that 2011 which was alright but with a lot of rather stressful, life-changing stuff. I’m hoping for this year to be more calm and orderly.

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Important Notice: “Anachroneironaut” is a bloody long name for a blog when you carefully make a header in pseudo-calligraphy and then commence cleaning up the lines in the computer. Just thought I’d inform you of that.

(Current) Header

Pen and ink used to create header

Title: Header, Mabie Todd Blackbird and Burma Road Brown
Size: ca 4 x 15 cm (header).
Equipment: Text: Mabie-Todd Blackbird semi-flex lever-filler with Noodler’s Burma Road Brown. One of my favourite inks at the moment. Ordered it from Goulet Pens, recommended!
Computer alteration: Removal of background and a slight change in colour intensity and brightness/contrast (the scanned header) and heightening of brightness (the photographs). These pictures are an excellent example how different the same ink can look in different circumstances. The header is scanned and the intensity of the colour is heightened a bit. I have made no changes in hue or colour balance! The photograph is taken in natural light (with my digital camera, Casio Ex-H15). Looks like two different inks altogether… The true colour (looking at my own screen anyway) lies somewhere in between and is heavily dependent on the paper and light conditions. But it is definitly a warm colour.
Paper: Same ol’ Seawhite of Brighton.
Inspiration: I started writing down my dreams when I was 11 years old, in a book I got from my aunt. A brown book with a fish on it. Some of the time I had lucid dreams . Over the years I have been more or less good at writing down my dreams and working on lucid dreaming, but I have always had a dreamjournal. A lucid dreamer is sometimes called an Oneironaut – one who walks in dreams. I have a fascination for time-travelling as well as timelessness and times past. To me, an anachronaut is a person who enjoy exploring anachronism.
A fascination that is bigger than either of the above ones is words. I have a slight case of synasthesia and I love the the very concept of putting words together to add to and change the meaning of them. Anachroneironaut is practically impossible to spell, but I couldn’t help it. I had to make it my own. (more…)

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Header and appearance update…

Some changes in the appearance/layout of the blog in general and the header in particular.

I choose green as an accent colour amidst all the black, grey and white. My top five favourite colours are dusky grayish purple (like rain clouds at sunset), greenish gray (as moss through mist), golden green (like spaghnum moss in the sun) and rich dirt brown with a green hue (like earth with a translucent growth of algae) and finally steel blue gray (like thunderclouds).

Which are your favourite colours? And for the ink-obsessed readers, which inks do you think matches my favourite colours?

In the header I choose to have a little green Girl Monster. I think it matches the green accent theme of the blog, not sure how long she will be staying up there. Will present her closer in my next post later tonight.
The written title will also have its own post, as soon as I find the camera and can take a picture of the pen and the ink I used in creating it. In that post I will also tell you how I came up with the name “Anachroneironaut”.

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The About page should explain my general purpose creating this blog. For now I’m planning to publish scraps, doodles as well as more serious projects. My previous post is an example of how I will structure my posts. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I believe I will!

A note about language.

English is not my first language. I read a lot in english and I like to believe I am a fairly accomplished speaker. I am unused to writing in english, though. I am well aware that my grammar and ability to construct sentences are at times not very good and perhaps confusing. I do wish to primarily keep this blog in english though, to reach out to a bigger audience. I also plan to be a bit more active in various forums around the net, where I hithertho have been lurking, forums where the primary language is english. To keep my contributions to this blog free-flowing, I will not take much time to proof-read what I write. If I did, I believe I would not have the time to write as much as I would like. What you see is what you get.

A note about product reviews and mentioning certain brands, shops, pages, etc.
This is first and foremost a personal blog. I am not creating this blog to earn money or to get stuff, I have my day job for that. I want to share what I use to create and what inspires me. I’d like for this blog to be an inspiration to others and maybe a forum to exchange tips and tricks on drawing and painting, or where to get ahold of certain items and products. For this to be possible I will give a detailed description of the tools and media i use to create what I publish on the blog. This includes brand names and sometimes shop information. I like it that way. If I am compensated in any way when it comes to a review, a shop, a site, etc. I will of course mention this in the post. If not, in a review I will probably mention that there is no affiliation, other than that I am a satisfied costumer/user. Just me, reporting on what works for me. I do believe people creating high quality stuff and giving me great service should get all attention they deserve, so they can continue to make mine and others lives more colourful.

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