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Title: The Upside-Down Cat from Edinburgh
Size: app. 10×15 cm.
Equipment: Parker 51 and Noodler’s Black as usual.
Computer alteration: Oh my. I haven’t had access to my scanner for almost a month by now. This is photographed with the iMac camera, made black-and-white the brightness/contrast is heightened. Sorry for the bad quality.
Paper: Clairefontaine.
Inspiration: Years and years ago I read the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. In the beginning of the book there is one exercise where the aim is to draw/retrace an image turned upside-down. To focus on lines and their relations instead of the motif. I couldn’t stop thinking of this exercise and the book while I was petting and drawing this cat.

Notes: I found this cat outside of one of the greenhouses at the Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh. I always make sure to visit the botanic garden in all cities I travel to. Not sure if it was some sort of garden-cat (which I would like to think) or a domestic houscat visiting a sunny spot on a bench just for the petting opportunities.
Important notice: Yes, I have noticed that the cat seems to have a third ear growing out of his forhead. This is probably because it is a monster-cat.
Reading tips Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. A classic, as most of you probably already know.
In Other News: I had a splendid time in Edinburgh, although very focused on the “business” part of the trip which was interesting in itself. I’d like to think I managed my spoken (at times scientific/technical) english quite well during my stay. I ruined everything on the way to the airport though, when I asked the lady in the tourist office where to go to “catch the flying buses”. Eh.

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