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Title: Clichélf, racing fish
Size: A5
Equipment: Parker 51, Noodler’s black
Computer alteration: size changed.
Paper: Clairefontaine
Inspiration: If you look at the tags at the right, notice how you can put them together and create new ideas. The ”Elf Fish” was one of them (Ebay Hunting Elf Fish would have been funnier, but alas…). It is really another Clichélf (much as the Dreamy Ladies (Perhaps Clichélves) I wrote about earlier. I might do other combinations. Maybe even an Ebay-hunting elf fish.
Notes: another small drawing inked fast (about 2 hours) freehand, with all the small mistakes that comes with that (lack of) technique. This is clearly visible in several places. The lines of the right hand of the clichelf is crossing the lines of the fish forhead (does fish have forheads?). The shoe is messed up (or maybe clichelves have an extra ankle joint, I haven’t decided). The tail (tail!? What was I thinking?) and the hair points in different directions. An interesting exercise would be to draw this image again, with careful planning beforehand. Maybe a bit bigger (say A4) and clean it up in the computer. Then compare it to the above image. To see where I could land if I put my mind to it properly and acted a bit more like a professional. I like most of the drawing, though. Especially the look on his face, se the detail behind the cut: (more…)


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Title: Dreamy ladies (perhaps clichélves)
Media: 0.1 Staedtler and 0.3 Pilot Hi-Techpoint 5 technical pens. Lamy Safari with Noodler’s black ink. I like the Lamy Studio, I have it in Fine point and I can get a thinner line from the pen if I use the nib upside down. If you draw with pen and ink, try fountain pens, and you’ll never go back. Refillable as well, which makes them more economical. And you can choose which ink you want! The image is edited in PS, contrast and brightness and stuff. I know next to nothing about computer modification, I usually play around a bit til it looks good on my screen.
Paper: About 20 x 10 cm. Old sketchbook from Becker-Hansen, at least 30-40 years old. Cool yellowed paper.
Inspiration: this is more or less the usual doodle-fare for me. Except the strange absence of monsters and teeth. (more…)

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