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…and strange colours appeared in the sky.

A friend on facebook made a smart comment on the fact that I bought a violin, a comment that went straight over my head at first. Then, I had one of those “aaaah!”-moments.

He asked if the violin was an Erich Zann edition from the 20s. The photograph of the strange vertical rainbow-like phenomenon is from the same week (I hadn’t told anyone about this sighting, which makes this story even better). Needless to say, I am very happy with my violin.

A vertical rainbow? A sunset rainbow in midnight sun-country? Or something else?

You can read a lot more about photographing rainbows on the pages of “Finding and Photographing Rainbows” by Tom Field. I found this link very inspiring and informative!

In other news, this is developing into a personal blog, not so much super-focused on drawing and fountain pens. I am not unhappy with this, but I still hope to add some more drawings shortly. And that eyeballs-post I have promised you for at least a couple of months now. Also, more sky phenomena to come. Yep, really.

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I blame Cthulhu

Title: Dancing lady with tentacles (yes, I’m angling for that crowd (no, that pun was not intended))
Size: about 10×7 cm
Equipment: Rotring Art Pen XF with Rotring black ink.
Computer alteration: None. I believe both this post and the previous could have used at least some alteration to bring out the best in them. Will put more effort into cleaning up pictures before posting them when my move is over.
Paper: Unnamed sketchbook from London.
Inspiration: This started off as a dancing lady but ended up somewhere else. I blame Cthulhu. The tentacles weren’t planned at all. Have to make a drawing of this one from the front. Maybe there is just tentacles and no lady at all?
Today’s learning experience None, I already knew how to spell Cthulhu.
Upcoming posts Before I leave for a work-related conference nex week I hope to post a librarian monster and a very colorful myller. There is also another fountain pen post planned, this time I’d like to present to you a very smooth Hebborn with Noodler’s Kiowa Pecan.

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