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Baby Green
Size: cut from A6.
Equipment: Parker 51 EF, B. Noodler’s Black. R&K alt Goldgrün. Waterwashed with W&N Kolinsky brush.
Computer alteration: Scanned, slightly brightened and heightened contrast.
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g.
Inspiration: Lost socks and the birds responsible.
Notes: He is the cutest. I never thought I could draw something this cute. And NO tentacles at all! I hereby clear myself of all responsibility for him. But I still have to tell you he wants to be a sock librarian when he grows up, so I am secretly very proud of him.
Another note: I have noticed that his claws look a bit unfinished. I do like it like that, I think i makes the drawing look more fluid and not too overworked.
In other news: I am way better physically after a month of iron substitution. Still feel a bit overwhelmed about the future (I am the sort of person who want things planned). Possibly, all this uneasiness builds some sort of character. Argh. I don’t need more character.
Upcoming: Blast it if I know. Hopefully some news of my future. Maybe a view again (lots of cloudmonsters sailing past this summer).

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