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Why is green the traditional monster-colour (because it is, isn’t it?)? Is it because it is the perfect combination of alien and organic? The combination appeals to me.

A completely different concept that hit me while writing this post is juxtaposition (which by the way is an amazing word). I have seen “juxtaposition” used to describe when you look at something, then look again and see something else. I am not perfectly sure this is the correct way to use the word, though (see the wiki link for the common definitions). This is also a classic technique to identify being asleep and dreaming, when you play with lucid dreaming (if you look at something twice while dreaming, it will probably change in an “unnatural” way and you can by recognzing this intellectually “wake up” while still dreaming and take control over the dream). Personally, I like to experience this while awake as well, to look outside of the box if you will. Everything is there for you to experience, you just have to look for it properly. I am not sure if this theory/way of thinking has a name, but it certainly has my name on it.

Title: Greendrop monsters
Size: app. 15×5 cms
Equipment: Liquid acrylics, Daler-Rowney. Mixed with old tubes of gouache.
Computer alteration: none
Paper: Green cardboard. Several years ago I bought a lot of cardboard in different colour, as I’d recently begun using soft pastels. I’d still like to play more with that medium.
Notes: Made, as you probably already guessed, by blowing on blobs of paint in different directions. This is commonly called blow painting and some people use straws. I didn’t.
Inspiration: Making these creatures was fun and proves that there is monsters in every drop of paint, if you just care to look for them. I like the shadowplay, the shifts in the greens.

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Well, I have a thousand ideas on blogposts. I need to write more about London, books I’ve read and great fellow artists and artisans (note to self, look up the difference of those words) that I have found lately. I have several such posts planned and I thought I was going to write one of them today. My muse thinks differently. Apparently.

In London I bought some other colours of Daler-Rowney acrylic ink. Despite them being almost half-price in London at CASS art than in Sweden I pranced around the Islington flagship shop acting like a skint idiot, not buying stuff I actually could afford. Yes, I have a giant, monstrous neurosis about money after being a student for so many years. Maybe I should make a drawing of it? But I digress. After much unnecessary angst, I decided on the rather unusual colour combination of these: (Note my unprofessional bloggerness, not being able to arrange the bottles prettily in a row with the label turned to the front)

Daler-Rowney Acrylic Ink in Light Green, Gold, Silver Moss and White 011

Anyway. I had my lovely Seawhites of Brighton that I fell in love with last time I was there. Very inexpensive, great for drawing, the perfect surface and colour, etc. They have a black “jacket”. Here is a pic:

So, they all look alike and I bought plenty. I wanted a way to differentiate between the several medium sized (A4) I bought. Ergo:

The “1” and “2” are made with the shimmering inks “Silver Moss 129” and “Gold (imit) 701” respectively (the gold I find to be more like bronze in colour, or maybe rose gold as when gold is mixed with copper). The “3” is made with the amazing, cthulhuish (sic, happily) “Light Green 348”.
Here is a close-up of the “1”:

I did the translucent shading by blending the colour with different water-washes and mixing with opaque white. Used several different brushes, all synthetic. I especially like the glittering effect of the shimmering inks in “1” and “2”.

I have exciting things planned for the bigger (A4 and A3) Seawhites. The secret, gory, sunshine-yellow drawing and the sketch of the swamp elf I have planned to sculpt in the future for example. It’s all on its way, I promise. Also, eyeballs deluxe, coming up shortly.

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I’m back and I’m full of inspiration. There is still some snow left here, but the grass is finally turning a vague shade of greenish gray. It’s awfully rainy, though, but it makes for a lovely view from my window, all great grey and white clouds simply falling down on the landscape. It looks dramatic. I have always loved the rain.

London was great, as usual. I brought about 10 kilos of Seawhite paper, watercolours (!), Aero mint chocolate (don’t ask) and several books with me home. We visited British Museum, Natural History Museum, Victoria & Alberts, Kew gardens and lots of markets and shops. Also, I think I saw one of my favourite musicians Amanda Palmer at Heathrow (of course, being too stunned to call out “I love your work!” to her). More on all that later. Now, for today’s drawing:

Title: Evil Man Under Dying Sun (Wearing No Hat)
Size: 4×4 cm
Equipment: Parker 51 BB and Parker 51 EF (Yep, I found another one. More on that pen later) with Noodler’s black. The other inks are Daler-Rowney Acrylic white ink, Noodler’s Burma Road Brown and Diamine Sunshine Yellow. The yellow looks very dark, mostly because of it being mixed with the not quite dry Noodler’s Black, I believe. The Burma Road Brown were added days later, when the black ink was completely dry and permanent, another feature I like with Noodler’s Black.
Computer alteration: Scanned and cropped.
Paper: watercolour paper that time forgot (ripped the cover off years ago). You can see the grain in the paper really well. I actually prefer my paper a bit smoother than this. The paper is a creamy white.
Inspiration: a couple of weeks ago I was experimenting with pens, brushes and ink to make a bigger drawing. This is a part of that drawing. I had to crop it, otherwise I’d spoil the surprise.
Notes: The sun is a completely incidental small spatter of ink, but perhaps the part of this drawing that I like the most. This is a heavily cropped drawing for a reason, the rest of the drawing wasn’t very good. But it was an experiment laying the ground for other work to come, so not without merit. I am very satisfied with the hat as well as the sun. The whiteness overlaying the glasses is opaque white ink from Daler Rowney, my favourite wet white media (favourite dry white media being soft pastels). The glasses are a bit small and has too little detail to begin with, so I do not think the result this time was optimal, but the next time I draw glasses I will use this technique again, hopefully getting a better result. I like experimenting with different levels of opacity.
Important Notice: I want his hat.

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Title: The Sexy Swamp Elf that wasn’t, really
Media: Parker rollerball (black), Diamine Royal Purple and Damson, Staedtler technical pen (waterproof). Pentel Aquash brush with plain water. Daler-Rowney acrylic ink (the white glint in the eye, White 011) added with a regular brush.
Paper: 14×21 cm, Seawhite of Brighton 140 gsm extra wet strength. Great find in London, I love this paper! No feathering, holds water extremely well and have just enough texture to not have the pen slithering away into my lap. Eh. Definitely buying more in May, when we’re going to London again (I hope).
Inspiration: my beloved called me a swamp elf when we were out in the woods together some time ago. I decided to draw him a sexy (swamp) elf with pretty striped stockings as a token of appreciation. It now resides somewhere on his desk at work. Note my inability to spontaneously draw simple light and sexy stuff with pouty lips, breasts and all that. At least I got the stockings right. A friend called this reminiscent of Planescape, which I have not played myself. (more…)

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