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Title: An unfinished Three-tailed dragon.
Size: 18 cm from eartip to end-of-middle-tail (Well, the left-most tail if you follow them closely).
Computer alteration: None.
Paper: Clairefontaine 90 g.
Inspiration: This three-tailed dragon have been giving me the sad eye for several months now, hanging out in the very front of my notebook and making me feel guilty for not completing him. It started with an idea of a faerie-dragon with a plait of three tails (what would YOU do if you had three tails? Plait them, of course!).
Notes: I decided to do things in the proper order and made a graphite sketch (I really, really dislike the word “sketch”. “Graphite” is pretty, though). Filled it out some with the Parker EF (now with J Herbin Perle Noir, which isn’t as black as I’d wish, but annoyingly the first black ink that works very well in the capricious piece of pen). Added the purple (Diamine Damson) shadowing on a (severely misguided) whim. Now I/he is stuck. So, I thought I’d give him some notoriety and see if anything happened.
Upcoming: I am not quite sure. RPGnow-project developing nicely, as is Life in general.

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Sockbird 8

Title: Baby Purple
Size: cut from A6.
Equipment: Parker 51 EF, B. Noodler’s Black. Diamine Damson. Waterwashed with W&N Kolinsky brush.
Computer alteration: Scanned, a bit more brightened and heightened contrast than the other birds. For good or bad? Not sure, I think I might have gone a bit overboard.
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g.
Inspiration: Lost socks and the birds responsible.
Notes: as I think I might have mentioned, the purple birds are very shy. Especially when small and vulnerable. They also suffer from the misconception that they are invisible when they hide their head in their socks. This is not true, but partially effective since no predator could ever hurt something this cute.
Important notice: I adore his little tail!
In other news: I’m not going to Stockholm for work. Oh, well. Since there is no real possibility of going further north in Sweden, I guess I am still heading south. I have narrowed it down to just a couple possibilities now.
The future of the sockbirds: up ahead is the very second and the very third sockbird I made. They are more like sketches than proper birds, but I think the bird-ancestors deserve their place in the blog as well.
Upcoming: See above. Also, around Christmas/Saturnalia/New years I am happy to be able to present Hemlo to you. Hemlo is something made of clay. I cannot say any more, since my fiance is the recipient of Hemlo (and frightfully good at guessing which gifts he is going to recieve).

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Title: Red Chief
Size: cut from A6.
Equipment: Parker 51 EF, B. Noodler’s Black. Diamine Poppy Red (somehow more orangey than usual, probably because of pen contamination). Waterwashed with W&N Kolinsky brush.
Computer alteration: Scanned, slightly brightened and heightened contrast.
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g.
Inspiration: Lost socks and the birds responsible.
Notes: Red Chief is strong and brightly coloured. I like how his sock is sort of twisted.
Important notice: The Red Chief is not as goblinoid as the Green Leader. Instead, he is extra colourful and… …robust.
Upcoming: Next up, Baby Green!
In other news: I recently discovered I have an iron deficiency, which explains some of the tiredness and general uneasieness I have been feeling recently. Back on track with substitution therapy, but it will be a while until I feel up to par again, I guess.

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Title: Baby Red
Size: cut from A6.
Equipment: Parker 51 EF, B. Noodler’s Black. Diamine Poppy Red (somehow more orangey than usual, probably because of pen contamination). Waterwashed with W&N Kolinsky brush.
Computer alteration: Scanned, slightly brightened and heightened contrast.
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g.
Inspiration: Lost socks and the birds responsible.
Notes: This is a very young Sockbird. This is how they start out, hatching in a sock. They grow a lot, ending up with the sock in their beak like the Librarian.
Important notice: AWWW!
Upcoming: There is a Baby Green and a Baby Purple upcoming.
In other news: I have changed the ink in the “red” Parker 51 to Noodler’s Red Rattler for the moment. I have a theory that the nib lays down such a thin (F-M) line that the colour easily gets a washed out look if it isn’t heavily (and I mean heavily) pigmented. A wet nib would give a deeper, nicer colour. Can a nib be too frugal with colour? The nib on this particular Parker is very smooth – but only at a certain spot. I am not best friends with it yet. I also want to add that my preparations for my professional exam and interview is going well at the moment. Looking forward to making more updates, possibly as soon as the upcoming weekend.

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Dedicated to my mother

Title: The Hoarder
Size: cut from A6.
Equipment: Several Parker 51. Noodler’s Black. Diamine Damson, R&K Alt Goldgrün, Diamine Poppy Red. Sloppily waterwashed.
Computer alteration: Scanned, slightly brightened and heightened contrast. Just to get rid of a bit of graininess (ehm…).
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g.
Inspiration: Lost socks and the birds responsible.
Notes: So, I got inspired by the first sockbird. Soon I had several sockbirds that I didn’t know what to do with. Alas, a drawer of sockbirds. Love that jamble of puns. More of them are on their way (puns as well as Sockbirds).
Important notice: I am very well aware that birds don’t have navels. This is not a bird. This is a sockbird.
In other news: I have 20 followers! Great, you are all very welcome.
Upcoming: More sockbirds. Sockbirds will become a recurring theme in the weeks and months to come. I am thinking maybe some sort of “Sockbirds for charity” in the future? I’d have to be prepared to give them new homes, though. Hm… The bird above is already adopted by my mother. Small steps, small steps.

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Title: The Return of the Mutated Green Hippie Duck
Computer alteration: Scanned, minimized and birghtness/contrast manipulated a little.
Notes: for more info look at the post below. This image is added for comparison, illustrating how different a drawing becomes when scanned with a good scanner vs photographed with a low capacity web camera. Now, I know very well that you all are aware of this already, but still. This version is of course more true to the original. Look especially at the legs, the camera really couldn’t handle the hatching (sic?). I like the glasses better on the first version, though. A warmer, softer coulour.

Upcoming: now, I guess I have to do a “Revenge of the Mutated Green Hippie Duck” as well?

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Title: Mutated Green Hippie Duck
Size: about 4×8 cm
Equipment: trusty Parker 51s. Diamine Damson, Noodlers Black and R&K Alt Goldgrün. I haven’t brought that many pens and inks with me, so expect the following posts to continue with this equipment.
Computer alteration: unusually much for me. Photographed with my macbook, then cleaned up surroundings, used the smudge tool to even out the colour and also altered brightness and contrast. Honestly think I wouldn’t have had to do all this if I had been able to scan in the picture… Would be intresting to add a scanned picture of the same drawing when I get back from my vacation. Scanned pic will look better.
Paper: Clairefontaine Sketch paper 90 g.
Inspiration: The place where hippie rubber ducks with tentacles come from.
Notes: I’ve been studying by listening to recorded lectures for a couple of days now, drawing while listening. Lots of weird birds. I think I have been in a bird mood lately.
Important notice: Note how the tentacles have wings too.
Upcoming I am planning a series of sockbirds, it is going to be called ”A Drawer of Sockbirds”…

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Title: Sockbird
Size: 8×14 cm
Equipment: Three great Parker 51s! (B, F, EF). Noodlers Black, Diamine Poppy Red and R&K Alt Goldgrun. Waterwashed with Noodlers brush pen. The red looks somewhat orange on screen as well as IRL. Not sure why, maybe I did not clean out the new burgundy F Parker pen enough?
Computer alteration: Heightened brightness and contrast a little. The pic is taken with my MacBook camera, so the quality is bad to begin with. I am on vacation, having a very bad internet connection and no scanner. Uploading this post took the better part of half an hour…
Paper: Clairefontaine.
Inspiration: None, just intuitive drawing.
Notes: ”Sockbird” since the body of the bird started off as a sock. My monster drolleries often start off with me drawing either legs, claws or teeth on something inconspicuous and/or normal.
Important notice: I like how it looks like the bird is leaping from my thumb.
Upcoming: I am planning an autumn of posting lots of stuff that inspire me, books I’ve read and things I have bought and admired. I have aquired two of my grail pens and made several other nice finds as well.
In Other News: job interview coming up in August for a position in 2013. Quite possibly the dream job of all times. Sweet! A bit nervous, though, but at the same time really looking forward to it.

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As I already wrote about in the post For the Love of Monsters, I admire the writings of China Miéville. Perdido Street Station is his second book and the first one I read about 2-3 years ago.

Title: Nightmare Cityscape, New Crobuzon interpretation.
Size: 20×17.5 cm
Equipment: I mainly grabbed what pens I could find as I went along. Lamy 2000, Parker 51, Pentel Brush Pen, sable hair brush, Pentel aquash pens with ink washes. I had to toss one of the aquash pens, as Noodler’s black and the water had become a slimy sludge inside it. Too early for ink to monsterize even before it has left the brush… It was probably contaminated water that destroyed it.
Inks: Rome Burning (yellow-brown), Burma Road Brown (brownish green), Diamine Damson (purple) and black (Noodlers and Pentel brush pen black). Add waterwashes and there you go. The gray is all Noodlers black in washes. I like how the black stays black-gray and does not go toward blue or any other colour when diluted.
Computer alteration: Contrast heightened a bit.
Paper: The paper is too porous to expose to Rome Burning effects, adding water at this point would dissolve it. Clairefontaine 90g sketch paper. Better planning (any planning) and I would have used another paper for this water-heavy experiment. It does take a lot of water for a sketch pad, though. Right now it is my favourite paper.
Inspiration: This drawing grew like something organic sprouted out of the paper. I started out drawing the mouth at the left. As it grew, I came to realise that it was New Crobuzon on the night when the nightmares arrive. The eye-helicopters are my interpretation of potential nightmares. To me a giant eyeball merged with a helicopter seem like nightmare-stuff. Foucault meets Argus meets Stephen King. And where would we be without tentacles? Not on this blog, that is for sure.
Important notice: The inside of my brain probably look a bit like this.
Notes: I did not use the colour changing effects available by washing out Rome Burning in this drawing due to too soft paper. But still, used it in art and I do like the light yellow it becomes when carefully waterwashed without “cleaning off” the yellow pigment. Look at this tentacled man-in-the-moon:

And behind the cut is another detail: (more…)

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Ack, sigh! I have been working away from home since January. Another 6 weeks to go. For this and other private and entirely unpleasant reasons I have had a hiatus from the blog for more than a month. No noodlings (as I have begun to call the entries for the Noodler’s competition) have been drawn either, which bugs me immensly. Well, at least I got my little Griffin away in good time! People are still finding my blog through my entry in the competition, which makes me happy.

Not everything have been bad, though. I am going to Edinburgh University at the end of March for a work-related course. It will be my first visit to Scotland and I am looking forward to explore art and bookshops in the city. If someone reading this happens to be from Edinburgh and would like to meet up or give me some tips on shopping or activities in general, you are very welcome to do so.

Following is the first of two posts of fashion illustration ideas using the concept of my magic carpet in clothes design. This is a 20s inspired lady with a purple halo (because we all know that purple is the colour of magic).

Title: Mad Carpet Collar #1
Size: app 6×10 cm.
Equipment: Parker 51 with Noodler’s black, Lamy 2000 with Diamine Damson. Wash with Noodler’s brush pen filled with water.
Paper: Clairefontaine
Inspiration: I still interested in fashion illustration and this is my first try incorporating my magic carpet in clothes design. I have a few other ideas coming up as well.
Notes: I’d like to buy a book or two on fashion illustration and think I will do so as soon as I am back to living at home. Any tips?
Important notice: I am not really satisfied with this. The water in the brush pen was a bit discoloured due to previously having been filled with another ink, so I didn’t get the clear white/purple halo I was expecting. Also, the composition is not exactly as I envisioned it. Oh well.
Pen and Ink commentary: as a bonus I am adding a little flourish done with my Lamy 2000 to show that this pen, a modern fine hooded nib, still has some elasticity in it. I wouldn’t call it flexible, but still not totally mute.
Another Important notice: I think it is interesting how the Diamine Damson loses its gray component when washed, it turns so much more brilliant.

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