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Varanus congregatiensis

I am not very fond of meetings. Especially not meetings where time seems to falter and stop, or slowly, slowly circle the drain of eternity.

When I was younger and bored in class as a student (well, I was a student until about age 30, so unfortunately not that long ago), I drew. I did not bother to hide it.  I may even have surrounded myself with a small cloud of ostentatiousness while doing it.

Edit: The Birdmonster of 2011, one of my very first blog posts, is a typical example of this./edit

I try to be a little more professional nowadays, but sometimes I slip up and something, or someone, slips out of my pen. This one even had demands. Say hi!


Made in with black Staedler fiber tipped technical pens in 0.1 mm on regular horrid office paper. Note also that I definitely have a regular  writing style a long, sad way from copperplate. Not that lizards generally would speak in copperplate. Or maybe they would?




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Title: An unfinished Three-tailed dragon.
Size: 18 cm from eartip to end-of-middle-tail (Well, the left-most tail if you follow them closely).
Computer alteration: None.
Paper: Clairefontaine 90 g.
Inspiration: This three-tailed dragon have been giving me the sad eye for several months now, hanging out in the very front of my notebook and making me feel guilty for not completing him. It started with an idea of a faerie-dragon with a plait of three tails (what would YOU do if you had three tails? Plait them, of course!).
Notes: I decided to do things in the proper order and made a graphite sketch (I really, really dislike the word “sketch”. “Graphite” is pretty, though). Filled it out some with the Parker EF (now with J Herbin Perle Noir, which isn’t as black as I’d wish, but annoyingly the first black ink that works very well in the capricious piece of pen). Added the purple (Diamine Damson) shadowing on a (severely misguided) whim. Now I/he is stuck. So, I thought I’d give him some notoriety and see if anything happened.
Upcoming: I am not quite sure. RPGnow-project developing nicely, as is Life in general.

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A couple of weeks ago I was trying hard to make something practical and usable. This is what I got for my troubles. The clay is red clay, the same as in the Little Dragon posted earlier. This is fired and glazed two times, though. Once with a dark red glaze and once with a blue one. This makes for interesting effects. I have no idea what I will use this little bowl for, but it is quite endearing. It is approximately 15 cm long. Just click on the images if you want to enlarge them!

In other news: I have recently returned from Austria (visiting a good friend in Wien) and Germany (Amphi Festival in Köln). I had a great time travelling! No (very little) drawing, though. Got to watch several bands I have longed to se live, among them Fields of the Nephilim, Die Form and Santa Hates You. Sort of annoyed at missing Alien Sex Fiend, but that is the nature of festivals. It was freakishly hot. In Austria I finished Jasper Ffordes Shades of Grey (more on that book later) and saw Hitchcocks The Birds in an open air theatre.
Upcoming: I am planning to make propolis and honey soap when I return to my soapmaking equipment in the middle of August. I bought the Propolis in a small honey-and-related-items-shop in Wien.
Upcoming artsy stuff: still working on an RPG illustration of a dwarf. Also got an idea of something I might draw to sell on RPGnow.com that will take a little work to get done, but right now feels very exciting.

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The firing was successful. There is a small crack in the folds of his stomach, but nothing major. I manipulated hue/saturation and brightness/contrast in the first image below, with limited success (I really need some courses in art/photography software and photography in general…).


There is no glace or anything else added. The surface is polished, which is done by rubbing the dried clay with hands and a little water after the sculpture is nice and dry. This surface treatment then stays true through firing. He is quite small, about 15 cm in diameter. I figure he is a baby dragon, with wings not yet having burst through the skin but laying in wait and developing in saftey until ready to be used. The tail is not very visible in the images, but is split in three for easiness in gripping and climbing until he is ready to start using his wings in a couple of years. Structurally, I am very pleased with the back musculature especially (see below). He has four legs and two wings with makes him a dragon, not a wyvern (most often wyverns have only two legs).

Below is the little guy from all sorts of angles, in the proper hue as well. He is made in red clay, Hemlo was made in brown clay. This clay i believe is heavy in iron, which seems somehow fitting for a dragon.


Important Notice: during the writing of this blog post I developed an envy of that tail. Why do humans have such uninteresting appendages?

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I planned to make some pots for plants, mugs and some such practical things recently, now that I have got access to clay and kiln. All that came out was monsters, monsters, monsters.

This little creature is in earthenware and is about to go into the kiln tonight. I am planning a more intricate post later with all of my recent clay monsters. One of them is disguised as a soapdish. This little guy does not yet have a name. He is sleeping and resting on white silk coloured with coffee. Let’s hope the firing (fireing?) goes alright, I discovered a tiny crack in the body during the curing time (which was way shorter than for Hemlo the platypus). Time will tell.

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Quick drolldragons made on the plane home. I love making quick sketches (ugh, there is that ugly word again) that has movement. Fibertipped pens, since it is definitely not advisable using fountain pens on airplanes…
Today I am introducing a new category, Recently Read. I read a lot, so I will not be able to blog about everything I read (that is for book review-blogs, like Little Red Reviewer my favourite and one of the few review blogs I have the time and inclination to read regularly). I hope to make some illustrations in the future when I feel extra inspired by certain books, like I did with the New Crobuzon Nightmare Cityscape illustration after having read Perdido Street Station by China Miéville.


Title: Drolldragons
Size: Very small.
Equipment: Fiber-tipped pens, Artline Drawing System 0.1 and 0.05.
Paper: Clairefontaine
Computer modifications: all sorts of them. The camera on the MacBook in the dark isn’t the best, but everything I own is in boxes, so…
Inspiration: Fear of flying and dust mites.
Notes: I try to make them move. Not perfectly satisfied with these, but they are OK.
Recently Read: Half-Blood Trilogy by Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey. Have to check out more by Norton. Perfectly entertaining high fantasy with an absolutely enjoyable “screw you, elves!”-trope and dragons. On the downside, sort of shallow world- and magic-building (promising, could go deeper but doesn’t), a bit too much telling instead of showing and some instances of god-in-the-machineish interruptions on my sacred suspension of disbelief. I’d happily give the engaging story, some original takes on ideas and general enjoyable classic fantasy-ness of these books 3 stars of 5 (equals enjoyable, but would probably not read again). I am definitely picking up more Andre Norton.
In Other News: job offer #1 making me happy. The place and position I was hoping for, I wrote about it in the previous post. No written contract yet, but everything should be signed and sealed in a couple of weeks. Next week I am going skiing again. An adequate and enjoyable way to wrap this Arctic Circle-thing up!

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Here is the drollery from the previous post, but in its natural habitat. I really like doing long, complicated lists and decorating them.


I really like the hanging dragon in the bottom of the picture. As you can see, this is reminiscent of the background art of the blog. I have some plans on making another complicated, detailed work of art with pen and ink, but this time with fountain pens in A3 (background was made with fiber-tipped pens in A4).

When I get my next job I think I am going to sponsor myself with a modified Namiki Falcon XXF (spencerian modification) from Richard Binder. I’d like to see what I can make with that kind of instrument. I am planning om spending some more time on Fountain Pen Network and perhaps getting a used one. They somtimes show up in the marketplace. In this review by The Penny Writer there is some pictures of a modified Namiki Falcon that got me interested in this pen. Here is another on the calligraphy blog A Place To Flourish by Jane Farr, a very inspiring artist. There is also some reviews and more photos on Richard Binders homepage and on Fountain Pen Network (take a look in the subforum with Japanese pens, Pens from the Land of the Rising Sun where I found this impressive Youtube review of the pen).

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Also the background of the blog, this drawing was created in autumn 2009 with inferior and expensive pens, fiber tipped and scratchy. It is the first serious drawing I made since about 2003, when Real Life and studying gave me a massive “artist’s block” and I was unable to create anything at all for years. Making this drawing, originally A4-sized, made my slumbering creativity wake up and since then I’ve discovered all sorts of wonderful media and instruments which I am sure I will write more about in the weeks and months to come.

Title: Myller (A Myriad)
Media: permanent fine tipped technical pens, Staedler, Zig and others 0.05-2 mm. If I remember correctly I adjusted the contrast on the computer after scanning.
Paper: Markerblock A4, Canson 70gr (no bleedthrough at all!)
Inspiration: I read a lot of Charles de Lint when creating this. A highly recommended author for dreamy dark folk fantasy. Homepage of Charles de Lint
Notes: Made freehand, as is most of my work. The girl looking through the spiderweb in the left upper corner is supposed to be me.

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