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Quick drolldragons made on the plane home. I love making quick sketches (ugh, there is that ugly word again) that has movement. Fibertipped pens, since it is definitely not advisable using fountain pens on airplanes…
Today I am introducing a new category, Recently Read. I read a lot, so I will not be able to blog about everything I read (that is for book review-blogs, like Little Red Reviewer my favourite and one of the few review blogs I have the time and inclination to read regularly). I hope to make some illustrations in the future when I feel extra inspired by certain books, like I did with the New Crobuzon Nightmare Cityscape illustration after having read Perdido Street Station by China Miéville.


Title: Drolldragons
Size: Very small.
Equipment: Fiber-tipped pens, Artline Drawing System 0.1 and 0.05.
Paper: Clairefontaine
Computer modifications: all sorts of them. The camera on the MacBook in the dark isn’t the best, but everything I own is in boxes, so…
Inspiration: Fear of flying and dust mites.
Notes: I try to make them move. Not perfectly satisfied with these, but they are OK.
Recently Read: Half-Blood Trilogy by Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey. Have to check out more by Norton. Perfectly entertaining high fantasy with an absolutely enjoyable “screw you, elves!”-trope and dragons. On the downside, sort of shallow world- and magic-building (promising, could go deeper but doesn’t), a bit too much telling instead of showing and some instances of god-in-the-machineish interruptions on my sacred suspension of disbelief. I’d happily give the engaging story, some original takes on ideas and general enjoyable classic fantasy-ness of these books 3 stars of 5 (equals enjoyable, but would probably not read again). I am definitely picking up more Andre Norton.
In Other News: job offer #1 making me happy. The place and position I was hoping for, I wrote about it in the previous post. No written contract yet, but everything should be signed and sealed in a couple of weeks. Next week I am going skiing again. An adequate and enjoyable way to wrap this Arctic Circle-thing up!

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