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I had doubts using the word “loot” as a category, since I am aware that it can have negative connotations. Sometimes, making finds on Tradera and Ebay, I almost feel like a looter, getting amazing stuff for next to nothing. Just almost, though. I am content with the fact that I buy to use and that I take care of my things according to their proper value (e g not letting them rot away somewhere dark and dusty).

This is from my latest netlooting:

Ink: Burma Road Brown (same as the blog header, BTW. The header is scanned and the above image is obviously a photograph. BRB is a chamelon ink!). My penmanship is a bit shaky since I spent about 10 minutes trying to separate the section from the barrel before making the text sample.
Pen: Mabie-Todd Blackbird Self Filling pen. The cap, the section, the feed and the barrel are all marked “blackbird” with a fine imprint. The black hard rubber parts are faded, but nicely coloured still, I think. No clip. Lever not gold, I think this is the original furniture. Sac perished, of course.
Nib: Nib 14ct, not numbered. Seems to be a medium with some flex. Standard (but oh, so wonderful) fare for these pens (just like the Moore L-92 I wrote about earlier this year).
Spectacles: one of my other obsessions that has not appeared on this blog before. I collect them. These were a good find. They are genuine, in very good shape and will do nicely in the spring. I have another similar pair but I like having a second pair in reserve.
Shameless boasting: I paid about 6 dollars for the pince-nez and 15 dollars for the lot containing the Blackbird (an enourmous lot with, among other things, Caran D’Ache leads, two antique lead sharpeners (pics a-coming) and eight (8!) old drafting compasses). Making finds like this is obviously one of my greatest talents.

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Soon there will be dark 24/7 here for a while. Can’t say I’m that disappointed. The Northern Lights makes up for it. Quite nice the other night, I will try to get some good pictures of it the next time it happens.

Since getting my tremendous view I am very inspired by the sky and clouds. Not so much fish and sea, since I live far from any water. Case in point, see my winged creatures in my last two posts. There is a couple of pictures of strange and monstrous clouds awaiting publication in the weeks to come. With drawings inspired by them of course.

Oh, and I added a new picture to the “about”-page. It is from 2010 and I am wearing one of my favourite hats toghether with my favourite pince-nez. It is anonymous enough to make me comfortable publishing it, yet (re)presentable.

Speaking of glasses, I have never ordered from Eyeglasses Warehouse, but I definitely will in the future. More pince-nez, but I also need new, round glasses. They are impossible to get in standard shops. The best you can hope for is the kids’ department Harry Potter-inspired frames. Not working for me. Thanks to my optician uncle I got two pairs of nice, small and round spectacles with my prescription strength glasses a couple of years ago (sic). They suit me well and I get complimented on them quite often. Next in line is photochromic glasses in frames like the ones I own. Perhaps in gold as well as silver. Green, gray, amber, perhaps even purple?
Oh, a language-related enquiry: is it eyeglasses, glasses or spectacles, or frames even? I am confused.

I feel I messed up the grammar in this post spectacularly (hehe). I worked Friday night to Saturday morning and then Sunday morning to Monday morning this weekend. Still a bit tired and feverish today, so I stayed at home sleeping between 7 pm to 4 am. Tough but rewarding work, especially on friday. But as you might have noticed, I am starting to post more regularly again.

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