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…and back online!
The moving thing went great and this week I’ve spent getting online and unpacking (still missing camera USB-cable and haven’t found a place to put the scanner). I have a very nice view over blue, snowy mountains and a big bathtub. I reckon those things will boost my creativity immensely (I have used the bathtub eight nights in a row). The bathtub is probably the true reason I have’t updated the blog sooner.

Title: Steampunk Sprite
Size: about 10×15 cm.
Equipment: Rotring Art Pen with Noodler’s Black.
Computer alteration: None.
Paper: Unknown London Sketchbook.
Inspiration: Concerning steampunk, I am personally more drawn to the science/retrotech parts of steampunk than the fantasy steampunk with elves and the like. But apparently this little sprite hovered somewhere in my subconscious anyway, and wanted out. I am not sure it is even steampunk in any way, but I was in a steampunk mood when drawing it. So there.
Notes: Yes, yes, a little cliché-ish type fairy thing, it hasn’t even got any teeth. This is a drawing nestled on a page, adjacent to some other drollery I made at a time when I worked at illustrating the front and back page of a fanzine run by a friend (n. b both links are to pages in swedish!). A post on that project is planned in the near future. (more…)

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