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Travelling to Venice off-season had several advantages. Even though I still found the amount of tourists to be slightly overwhelming, I appreciated that it was very possible to sneak away somewhere quiet with ease. Also, ice-cream in november! Thankfully the fiancé is fluent in “waving-arms-around-and-sounding-very-insistent” (a very uncommon skill among Swedes) which helped us just as much as his very basic Italian. I promised feverently to work on my french to make up for him doing most of the communication during this trip. We also practised a simplified version of Swedish sign language and I am now fluent in the alphabet and some basic signs.

I went from this (3rd of November)

To this (Murano, 6th of November)

I got inspired to droll this in the margins of a nontebook. It is unfortunately made with fiber-tipped pens (Artline 0.05) since the tip of my beloved Parker 51 got bent and unfortunately broke during repair. It now has a much broader nib that I don’t draw with (yet). I am waiting for a new EF Parker 51 from Ebay though. I hope it is as good as the old “Birger” (the pen that broke had a personalized barrel…).

Steampunky masked ladies

We were lucky staying at Hotel Mignon. Tiny and cosy room, very clean and nice bathroom and a small terrace. Very nice personnel. If I go to Venice again, I book a room there.

Although many of the more touristy souvenirs clearly were shipped directly from countries where labor is cheap, we managed to get to look at several craftsmen (and women) at work. Below is a very life-like spider by an artisan who made insects from a scientific book. I would have liked to get one of the Stag Beetles (“Ekoxe” in Swedish, family Lucanidae) but an albino frog caught my eye, and there you go…

I loved the canals and alleys, ubiquitous (I also love having an excuse for using that word) in Venice. I liked not having to bother with cars or bikes. Relaxing. The air was good as well, scent of the sea and nothing else (except a stray whiff of seafood). Living smack dab in the middle of fell-and-bog-country, I miss the sea of my childhood home.

I believe marbling paper, binding books and making masks were the biggest inspirations I got from this trip. Also, lots of nice mental images from lurking around in a place which with a little fantastic application was very reminiscent to the faboulous Gentleman bastard sequence by Scott Lynch, famously started with “The Lies of Locke Lamora”. I might write more about that book when I start my planned category “Recently Read”, which have been brewing in my mind for some time now.

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…from the blog background, at the very top. These two are among my favourite creatures in that drawing. Here they are:

This post is also the one-year anniversary for this blog! Horray! The anniversary is really the 22nd, but I unexpectedly got to go to work tomorrow, so here we go today instead. 53 posts, almost exactly one each week.

Title: The Pale Guards
Inspiration: These little guys just came out of nowhere.
Notes: As you can se the left one has escaped the knotwork (I had a thing for knotwork a while ago, I still haven’t given up getting better at it). The other guard is still entangled.
I need to make more “myller” (see the very first post of the blog to see more of the original drawing).
In Other News: the following year I hope to post a little bit more often. I would also like to investigate how to make prints/litographies of some of my work, I am also planning to get going with fountain pen restoration. In December I bought a couple of books on how to make dolls and I plan on making a small, jointed swamp-elf doll sometime in 2012. It will be an exciting year, hopefully better that 2011 which was alright but with a lot of rather stressful, life-changing stuff. I’m hoping for this year to be more calm and orderly.

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I like the claws and the tail the most...

Title: Grumpy Librarian Sphinx
Size: I need to get a ruler. Eh. About 15×10 cm.
Equipment: 0.3 Pilot Hi-Tecpoint 5 fiber-tipped mess of a pen.
Computer alteration: None. Scanned.
Paper: Old sketchbook from Becker-Hansen, at least 30-40 years old.
Inspiration: My subconscious. Several months after I created this image I read the great short story ”In the Stacks” by Scott Lynch. It is about an apprentice magician and his classmates doing a very impressive and dangerous task as a class assignment, returning books to the gigantic magical library. They encounter lots of strange creatures, I believe my grumpy librarian-sphynx would fit right in. You can find the story in the anthology “Swords and Dark Magic”, edited by Jonathan Strahan and Lou Anders. Go read it!
Notes: Another rather old drawing made with fiber-tipped pens. Sigh. Have been busy at work for some time now, not feeling inspired to draw. But soon there is London, I’m sure my muse will awaken when prodded by markets, museums, a bright orange hotel room and countless croissants.
Links: I can warmly recommend Uppsala English Bookshop for all your literary needs. Great prices, great staff and all around a very cosy place to be. Haven’t tried ordering by mail yet, since I’ve moved so far away. Definitely on the to-do list.
Upcoming: I’m thinking on publishing a post with similar drawings, one with fountain pens and ink and one made with fiber-tipped pens and the poor, abused Tradio Stylo (if I can find my old one). Then compare them with focus on line consistency, colour intensity, smearing, etc. I feel I’m making the impression of being on some sort of crusade against the poor fiber-tipped pens here, but… Ah, perhaps I am. Ahem. Where did the Shameless Preaching category go?

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