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Here is a small drollery of a flower. Image taken with the MacBook and not modified in any way:


This is a drollery I have planned to blog about for a while now. It has hung around in my notebook, just waiting for me to write about it. Everything about this plant-thing, succulent, gravid with something (…something…) …heavy, waiting to burst, is interesting. There is something called Kurbits in Sweden, very popular around the turn of the century at a place in Sweden where I spent my (um, er…) formative years (13-18). I, in true teenage fashion, resolutely deemed the local folk art boring, unsuitable for Yours Truly and Below-My-Artsy-Station, when my (equivalence of) High School offered it as a special course. Sigh. I believe I was quite insufferable. I managed to droll around it later anyway, but as of right now I would have liked to have had attended the course. Of course, Kurbits is not in any way monster-heavy. If you don’t look behind the thin veil of structured, romantic peasantry, that is. The monsters are everywhere, it’s all about where and how you look for them. As we all know, by now.

Below is the image modified in PS, brightness/contrast, playing around with Curves, Sharpening layers, etc. I find it disturbing how much I am able to modify it on the computer. It doesn’t sit quite right with me. Perhaps I just need to get used to it. But I miss black dust and smudges everywhere, I find that a vital part of any drawing endavour.

I might write more about Kurbits in later posts.


PS: “gravid” in Swedish is equivalent to “pregnant/with child”. I find the use of the word “pregnant”, as in e g “a gravid pause” and such” very interesting. The flower above is most decidedly pregnant, the question is with what?

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Traveling to Tromsø over the weekend is one of the nice things one can allow oneself to do, living on the threshold of the mountains of northern Sweden and Norway. Traveling northward but also toward warmth because of the Gulf Stream. Mountains, clouds and autumn colours made for a rich trip and I will definitely return. Probably not likely for good, since it is a bit too far from friends and family, but who knows? I love the thought of working there for a while, having gotten a great impression of both the university and the hospital.

Me, enjoying the view:

Living at the lovely Tromsö Bed and Books which I can warmly recommend. There is books, comfy beds and you get to draw on the walls! What’s not to love? I am most definitely returning. Here is an image of the wall, I am responsible for the flowers. The rest is made by other guests.

(I did not make the shrimp, but chose to connect it to my plant)

I might make another Tromsö-post soon before we go back to the regularly scheduled sockbird-o-rama.

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