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Title: The Return of the Mutated Green Hippie Duck
Computer alteration: Scanned, minimized and birghtness/contrast manipulated a little.
Notes: for more info look at the post below. This image is added for comparison, illustrating how different a drawing becomes when scanned with a good scanner vs photographed with a low capacity web camera. Now, I know very well that you all are aware of this already, but still. This version is of course more true to the original. Look especially at the legs, the camera really couldn’t handle the hatching (sic?). I like the glasses better on the first version, though. A warmer, softer coulour.

Upcoming: now, I guess I have to do a “Revenge of the Mutated Green Hippie Duck” as well?

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Title: Mutated Green Hippie Duck
Size: about 4×8 cm
Equipment: trusty Parker 51s. Diamine Damson, Noodlers Black and R&K Alt Goldgrün. I haven’t brought that many pens and inks with me, so expect the following posts to continue with this equipment.
Computer alteration: unusually much for me. Photographed with my macbook, then cleaned up surroundings, used the smudge tool to even out the colour and also altered brightness and contrast. Honestly think I wouldn’t have had to do all this if I had been able to scan in the picture… Would be intresting to add a scanned picture of the same drawing when I get back from my vacation. Scanned pic will look better.
Paper: Clairefontaine Sketch paper 90 g.
Inspiration: The place where hippie rubber ducks with tentacles come from.
Notes: I’ve been studying by listening to recorded lectures for a couple of days now, drawing while listening. Lots of weird birds. I think I have been in a bird mood lately.
Important notice: Note how the tentacles have wings too.
Upcoming I am planning a series of sockbirds, it is going to be called ”A Drawer of Sockbirds”…

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