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…Sometimes you really have no good excuse for procrastinating, so you should just shut it and get on with it.

Things I have done recently rather than blogging:

1. Researched biopunk. Oh, yes.
2. Continued to plan my collection of botanical SF, Day of the Triffids upcoming. Recommendations of other works welcome by mail or in the comments.
3. Watched plants grow. It is more enjoyable than it sounds. Re: above.
4. London. Once again Kew and Cass art. Bought Bristol board, maybe partly because Ian Miller uses it. I am very curious about it.
5. Failed at keeping in touch with people. An old favourite, unfortunately.
6. Grown Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Swan Lake, a k a Dainty White. This is supposed to be the ‘Fantasia’ cultivar which sometimes have partially/all pink flowers. I will post again if this happens. The plant is from Madeira Exotics, a Portugese shop on British Ebay. I bought it last year. Growing Hibiscus from cuttings is not very difficult, but not for complete beginners either.


I might have drolled around a bit. The title of this blog post is called Back to the classics for a reason, as this is very much nothing new at all and I wish I had something more bombastic to offer. Though there is fish, eyes with feet and what looks like an alien owl involved, which means it cannot be all rubbish.


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The Jaagel

Title: The Jaagel (Jågeln)
Equipment: For the first drawing I used ink, of which kind unknown. I like how the colours have blended. Originally, this drawing is about 10 x 10 cm. I actually made a primary sketch in pencil before inking this one. The second drawing is A4-sized and made with a very soft and fat stick of graphite charcoal I found for sale in a little art shop in the middle of nowhere in the late 90s. I promptly bought all of the sticks. They have a fatty feeling, unlike regular graphite sticks for sketching and are not as dry as ordinary charcoal. No idea of the brand or other information on the qualities of it, since I haven’t used this kind of medium much.
Paper: unknown.
Inspiration: If I told you, a large part of the graphic story mentioned below would be spoiled, so I’ll just not tell you. Ha. It has a great twist in the end that probably will be painfully obvious for everyone right at the first page. We’ll see.
Notes: I do not remember when I made these drawings. Probably between 2001 and 2003. I had an idea for a short, very dark, graphic story involving a skeleton bird with a long neck and a visible brain. So, I drew that bird a lot for a while. Never tried making the story, but it still resides in my mind. If you look at both the pictures you can see that he can be both very sad and very mad. This is important.
One more bird: –> (more…)

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Title: Old tree in walnut ink
Media: Scriptorium walnut ink, sable brush, Pentel Aquash brush (with plain water). The sable brush (a cheaper brand) did not work as well as I’d expected. Suspect that I’ll make room in the art budget to try a brush of highter quality soon.
Computer alteration: I have not altered this image on the computer except for cleaning up the background and making it a tiny bit brighter. Oh, and shrunk it of course. I have it in an enormous size, as evidenced by the detail picture beyond the cut.
Paper: Seawhite of Brighton 140 gsm extra wet strength. 148 x 210 mm.
Inspiration: In the summer I often go out in the woods with my beloved to just read, draw and talk. Especially in the summer when my apartment is extremely hot. At one particular place there is an old oak. This is an, ahem, interpretation of that tree painted freehand. I believe it also looks like a monster with its arms up in the air and a big snout, but I always see monsters in my drawings so I am probably not to be trusted on this.


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