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Hey, now I got 9 followers! Cool. Taking a break from skiing to publish this post that I prepared in advance. Haven’t prepared any other posts, so we’ll see if I manage to produce something at all next week in Edinburgh!

Title: Mad Carpet Collar #2, Jazz ed.
Size: app 6×10 cm
Equipment: Parker 51, Noodler’s Black. I’m soon out of Noodler’s black. This is not strange or unexpected at all. I wonder if there is any Gallon-sized bottles available?
Paper: Clairefontaine
Computer manipulation: This one I did some experimenting on. I turned it to grayscale and upped the contrast and brightness. For comparison there is a detail from the non-manipulated version of the image below. In that detail you can also see that my sloppy scanning made part of the picture come out a bit blurred.
Inspiration: Mad Carpet (of Doom)! See previous post. I think this guy looks a little jazzy with his sunglasses, hat and features. He also looks quite undead and dripping. I like it. I have been playing the browser-based game Echo Bazaar lately, he does look like something/someone you might meet in London Below. The collar is supposed to be inspired by the mad/magic (why do these words so often seem like synonyms to me?) carpet, but I think it might as well be worms.
Important Notice: I like worms. Especially flatworms. I was partly inspired by the excellent blog Coffee Grinder Press by Shawn Newton who recently commented on the blog. Take a look at the Inky worms!
Another Important Notice: Look, his hat is bleeding!
Notes: There is a couple of rapid fashion-ish sketches in the background. Me trying to get into the whole fashion illustration thing, getting a feel for the silhouettes. In time I hope to get them more harmonious and ”grounded” even if I am quite satisfied with how they did turn out. Although it looks like they have beaks, now that I look at them a bit closer. All the better, really.
Coming up I have so many ideas for upcoming posts. I’d still like to present my favourite Etsy sellers. Also, I am playing with the thought of making a hypothetical clothes collection, preliminarily named MonsterWear 2012.

Detailed pic:

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Ack, sigh! I have been working away from home since January. Another 6 weeks to go. For this and other private and entirely unpleasant reasons I have had a hiatus from the blog for more than a month. No noodlings (as I have begun to call the entries for the Noodler’s competition) have been drawn either, which bugs me immensly. Well, at least I got my little Griffin away in good time! People are still finding my blog through my entry in the competition, which makes me happy.

Not everything have been bad, though. I am going to Edinburgh University at the end of March for a work-related course. It will be my first visit to Scotland and I am looking forward to explore art and bookshops in the city. If someone reading this happens to be from Edinburgh and would like to meet up or give me some tips on shopping or activities in general, you are very welcome to do so.

Following is the first of two posts of fashion illustration ideas using the concept of my magic carpet in clothes design. This is a 20s inspired lady with a purple halo (because we all know that purple is the colour of magic).

Title: Mad Carpet Collar #1
Size: app 6×10 cm.
Equipment: Parker 51 with Noodler’s black, Lamy 2000 with Diamine Damson. Wash with Noodler’s brush pen filled with water.
Paper: Clairefontaine
Inspiration: I still interested in fashion illustration and this is my first try incorporating my magic carpet in clothes design. I have a few other ideas coming up as well.
Notes: I’d like to buy a book or two on fashion illustration and think I will do so as soon as I am back to living at home. Any tips?
Important notice: I am not really satisfied with this. The water in the brush pen was a bit discoloured due to previously having been filled with another ink, so I didn’t get the clear white/purple halo I was expecting. Also, the composition is not exactly as I envisioned it. Oh well.
Pen and Ink commentary: as a bonus I am adding a little flourish done with my Lamy 2000 to show that this pen, a modern fine hooded nib, still has some elasticity in it. I wouldn’t call it flexible, but still not totally mute.
Another Important notice: I think it is interesting how the Diamine Damson loses its gray component when washed, it turns so much more brilliant.

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In London at V&A I also bought the books Pattern Magic 1 and 2 (Amazon calls the first book: “the cult pattern-making book from Japan”). I’ve contemplated buying them before online, but hesitated as I don’t sew at all and have no intention of starting. I do draw, however, and fashion design is interesting and apart from that subspeciality even non-fashion-illustration figures need clothing (at least some of them). Here are the books, prettily framed by my very strange and wonderful carpet, from danish Kilroy Indbo. I found it second hand a week before moving. I swear, it stared back at me and I had to have it. It reminds me of corals, lichen and hattifatteners (hattifnattar in Swedish, from the Moomin books by Tove Jansson).

I took a photograph of the carpet and sent my mother. Fortunately, my mother has never been that conservative when it comes to interior decorating so she encouraged me to buy it. Here it is. The carpet looks practically alive here. Burrowing in your toes in it is a heady experience. And warm, it is wool, not synthetic.

It's alive!

I’d like to try my hand at fashion illustration. Hopefully integrating the above carpet and some strange pattern designs in the mix. If I do, I’ll make a pingback to this post.

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