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My view is so incredibly beautiful! One of the things I am sure I am going to miss the most, when I move. I have been offered a position here though. If my professional intrests hadn’t lain in the (almost completely) opposite direction and my family and friends had been closer… Given that I get any of the (admittedly rather few) positions I have applied for down south. If I don’t, I am not yet sure what to do. There are several enticing possibilities.

For the longest time I have been planning to post more about all the pretty things I have aquired from Etsy in the previous couple of years. I especially am fond of lampwork (would love to try it). A couple of years ago I bought this little mushroom pendant, quickly realized that it is too big for me to wear around my neck (for my taste) and promptly hung it up by a thread in my window instead. I think it is beautiful there, like a miniature glasshouse.

The Etsy shop is GlassPeace, it is run by Allison and Amir and I bought it along with another pendant the 3rd of October last year.

The apparent haziness in the glass at the top of the pendant is actually dust, not impurities!

How it looks in daylight!

Stay tuned for another sockbird, the Green Spy! Also, an idea about Kiva, the microloan organization, at the end of november.

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