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Hey, now I got 9 followers! Cool. Taking a break from skiing to publish this post that I prepared in advance. Haven’t prepared any other posts, so we’ll see if I manage to produce something at all next week in Edinburgh!

Title: Mad Carpet Collar #2, Jazz ed.
Size: app 6×10 cm
Equipment: Parker 51, Noodler’s Black. I’m soon out of Noodler’s black. This is not strange or unexpected at all. I wonder if there is any Gallon-sized bottles available?
Paper: Clairefontaine
Computer manipulation: This one I did some experimenting on. I turned it to grayscale and upped the contrast and brightness. For comparison there is a detail from the non-manipulated version of the image below. In that detail you can also see that my sloppy scanning made part of the picture come out a bit blurred.
Inspiration: Mad Carpet (of Doom)! See previous post. I think this guy looks a little jazzy with his sunglasses, hat and features. He also looks quite undead and dripping. I like it. I have been playing the browser-based game Echo Bazaar lately, he does look like something/someone you might meet in London Below. The collar is supposed to be inspired by the mad/magic (why do these words so often seem like synonyms to me?) carpet, but I think it might as well be worms.
Important Notice: I like worms. Especially flatworms. I was partly inspired by the excellent blog Coffee Grinder Press by Shawn Newton who recently commented on the blog. Take a look at the Inky worms!
Another Important Notice: Look, his hat is bleeding!
Notes: There is a couple of rapid fashion-ish sketches in the background. Me trying to get into the whole fashion illustration thing, getting a feel for the silhouettes. In time I hope to get them more harmonious and ”grounded” even if I am quite satisfied with how they did turn out. Although it looks like they have beaks, now that I look at them a bit closer. All the better, really.
Coming up I have so many ideas for upcoming posts. I’d still like to present my favourite Etsy sellers. Also, I am playing with the thought of making a hypothetical clothes collection, preliminarily named MonsterWear 2012.

Detailed pic:


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