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New view

Not-so-new-but-still-dreamy job still messing with my blogging habit. Newly moved to a great little flat in the center of the small coastal town I think I am going to call my home for a long while. As my various views have been a key part of this blog over the years, I hereby continue this tradition by posting this new view. Enjoy.

newest view

I feel somewhat like a bird living up under the clouds. The flat has windows in three directions: north, east and south. The southern “windows” are actually three very small windows and one big, frigging conservatory/sun room (thank you Wikipedia) that actually is floor-to-ceiling glass to the south, east and west. I am thinking of naming it the Orangery (considering the number of Citrus species I am going to grow there). There will be lots of plant-talk on this blog in the future. You have been warned.

Upcoming: old jewellers glass-topped desk crammed with fountain pens.

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A while ago I ordered samples of different greys from Goulet Pens. I really like the opportunity to compare inks. If shipping to Sweden weren’t so expensive, I’d order more often. My favourite grays were J Herbin Gris Nuage and Noodlers Lexington Gray. J Herbin is more blueish, without wandering too far into blue territory. I found the full bottle of ink at Sandbergs Pappershandel in Umeå, where I passed through for a job interview a week or so ago. Great little independent shop with knowledge of fountain pens and ink, but no homepage.

My new EF Parker 51 I bought via Ebay to replace the one that broke has a slightly different personality than the original one. It is drier and doesn’t like Noodler’s black. I tried Pelikan Black, which works a lot better in the pen, but for drawing I still like Noodler’s Black better. Maybe I’ll try J Herbin Perle Noir or some other black ink in the upcoming months. Noodler’s does have a couple of different blacks as well, I might try Borealis Black if it still exists. Have to look that up. Finding the right black is very important.

Sockbird Teaser

A proper Drawer of Sockbirds post is upcoming, as soon as my scanner arrives. This is just a teaser of the next group of sockbirds, the Grey Gang. The Grey Gang specialise in wool socks. The pens are my new “Birger” black extra fine with a gold-filled cap and the other a translucent fantasy Parker 51 demonstrator from the Argentinian seller Kullock on Ebay. The latter pen has a broad, wet nib and I used it for the Gris Nuage ink. The brush is series 7 W&N, I have forgotten the size. It is small, perhaps a 2? A great brush. Also, I really like the design on the Clairefontaine sketch pads, I am glad I picked one up on looks alone. Fortunately the inside matched the outside in terms of quality.

Kiruna Church

Last but not least, an image from the very last evening I spent above the Arctic Circle (unfortunately not with Aurora Borealis). The building is the church of Kiruna, a very special building you can read more about here. I now reside down south, soon signing the contract for the upcoming position I have accepted in a small coastal town in the south of Sweden, by the Baltic Sea. I begin in August. In the months that remain until I start working again, I plan to read, make a lot of art and hopefully travel to Colorado, Gotland and Köln. Of all places. 🙂

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Look, another Thumbbird! I had almost forgotten they existed.


Today is my birthday. I am not one for lavish celebrating of birthdays. I do not mind, though. I seem to have missed out on the fear of aging that so many of my contemporaries suffer from. I like getting older. I adore (to my fiancées amusement) my approximately ten white hairs that annoyingly showed up in the middle of my scalp, not at my temples (which would have been way more distinguished-looking). They also have a tendency to stick right up, since they are coarser and shorter than the other hairs. I see this as a prelude to me becoming a very odd sort of little (well, 5.9) white haired mad scientist-type lady.

Seems like I will stay above the Arctic Circle another month, til the end of March. There will be a week of skiing and I have two great interviews planned. I expect to get at least one offer, if not two. I think I am a great fit at both places, one in particular. If I get the one I really want, I’ll not commence working until after summer this year. Economically this is a bit suboptimal, but it will give me plenty of time to read, make art and spend time with family. In other words, things that are more valuable than making money. I’m of the frugal sort anyway, so it’s not a huge problem.

Another view, this time of the mine:


I’ll miss this place!

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This is my new view. I moved about 20 meters, to apartment- and cat-sit a few weeks for a friend who is away working. This will continue either til the middle of march or until I get a job (still no news) and know where I am headed next. The uncertainty is getting to me a little, but I try (and somewhat succeed) to enjoy the moment. Not too difficult, when I am waking up to scenes like this:

nother view

I now live with boxes, cats and assorted books and trinkets I could not make myself to stove away properly (I have always liked to really live in my living space). One thing that is packed is my ink and art stuff collection (part of it, anyway) below. These things have a tendency to accumulate. Nota bene, this is far from everything I’ve got:

Art Stuff

Here is a monster to keep you hanging on to the blog (hopefully) until I once again have access to a scanner (maybe, just maybe some sockbirds are waiting to be published).


This is a proper drollery, taken from the margin of my standard notebook where I write (eh, draw) various lists (the lists oftentimes gets overtaken by monsters and vines). Originally about 3×4 cm, Noodler’s Black and Diamine Poppy Red on Clairefontaine paper. With Parker 51 pens. As usual.

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My view is so incredibly beautiful! One of the things I am sure I am going to miss the most, when I move. I have been offered a position here though. If my professional intrests hadn’t lain in the (almost completely) opposite direction and my family and friends had been closer… Given that I get any of the (admittedly rather few) positions I have applied for down south. If I don’t, I am not yet sure what to do. There are several enticing possibilities.

For the longest time I have been planning to post more about all the pretty things I have aquired from Etsy in the previous couple of years. I especially am fond of lampwork (would love to try it). A couple of years ago I bought this little mushroom pendant, quickly realized that it is too big for me to wear around my neck (for my taste) and promptly hung it up by a thread in my window instead. I think it is beautiful there, like a miniature glasshouse.

The Etsy shop is GlassPeace, it is run by Allison and Amir and I bought it along with another pendant the 3rd of October last year.

The apparent haziness in the glass at the top of the pendant is actually dust, not impurities!

How it looks in daylight!

Stay tuned for another sockbird, the Green Spy! Also, an idea about Kiva, the microloan organization, at the end of november.

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Another interlude

Interview done. Now I get the doubtful honor of waiting until they have gone through the recruitment process. I feel I might have been out on quite deep waters applying the way I did, on the other hand in the interview I did miss out on a couple of instances where I could have augmented certain things I have done that would fit well with the challenges this new place of work might bring. Oh well. I do have a plan B that would make it possible to reapply with a stronger resume in a year or so. I just don’t particularly want to wait. Ehm. I fit so well for it already, it’s what I want to do for the rest of my career after all. I’d also of course like to live somewhere closer to friends and family, in a place where I know I would be staying for years and years to come. Build a studio for all my projects (which I am well aware I would not have any time for, if I got the job in question. That is not the point, though, because I’d like it that way).

I still need to study for an important exam in a week. Not feeling particularly motivated, but doing my best motivating myself with spending lots of money on all the healthy fast/slow-food, vintage clothing and second-hand DAW SF books that the capital has to bring. This is my current view. Avid Stockholmians could probably guess approximately where I reside from the rather prominent landmark at the skyline.

The photograph is taken with the camera on my macbook and not modified in any way, except for cropping. As usual, the sky is so much prettier IRL.

Upcoming is an image of my latest fountain pen aquisitions (and also my last, until I get that work-studio going. Or, ’til I make another really, really nice find…)

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I am getting pre-exam and pre-interview nerves. Quite predictable. I don’t feel very creative at the moment, although I do have several sockbirds lined up. Alas, I don’t want every post to be about the sockbirds. It might get to their heads.

I have been drawing a bit lately anyway, for my next (who am I kidding, first) big collaboration. It is a board game and I am probably not going to post much about it on the blog, since it is best suited for secrecy and such. At least until we get it in shape to get beta-tested. It is a great concept and I am looking forward to realise it.

I plan to be back and getting some blogging done at the end of August. If all goes well I am thinking of rewarding myself with a Namiki Falcon XF, X-flex. Any reader having tried this particular nib-mod? I’ll have to do a lookaround at FPN as soon as I have some free time.

Until then I leave you with another picture of my view from the 31st of July. A dramatic one, disappointingly not ending in thunder and lightening. Although, looking at the picture you can always pretend.

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…and strange colours appeared in the sky.

A friend on facebook made a smart comment on the fact that I bought a violin, a comment that went straight over my head at first. Then, I had one of those “aaaah!”-moments.

He asked if the violin was an Erich Zann edition from the 20s. The photograph of the strange vertical rainbow-like phenomenon is from the same week (I hadn’t told anyone about this sighting, which makes this story even better). Needless to say, I am very happy with my violin.

A vertical rainbow? A sunset rainbow in midnight sun-country? Or something else?

You can read a lot more about photographing rainbows on the pages of “Finding and Photographing Rainbows” by Tom Field. I found this link very inspiring and informative!

In other news, this is developing into a personal blog, not so much super-focused on drawing and fountain pens. I am not unhappy with this, but I still hope to add some more drawings shortly. And that eyeballs-post I have promised you for at least a couple of months now. Also, more sky phenomena to come. Yep, really.

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Since the post before the last one I have had the longest hiatus from posting since the blog went online. I have been working (too much) and on weekends I have prioritized (sic) nature and social life IRL. Not to mention the blasted midnight sun. Yes, it’s exotic but it has kept me from sleep what seems like countless nights in a row by now. Coming home from work I have been exhausted! Haven’t drawn anything lately. Haven’t had any dreams either. I blame the sun:

Endlessly annoying midnight sun at 01.00. Driving me mad but still pretty.

Finally, vacation. I’ll travel to a place thankfully dark at night but with a very weak internet-connection, if any. I’ll try to make an update or two, but primarily I will draw and read.

Plans for autumn include posting about several great buys I have made from Etsy. With hard work comes a bigger income. It makes me happy to be able to buy great, inspiring things from good people and I look forward to show off my finds in the blog. Eyeball post still upcoming. Lot’s of things with tentacles. Penguins. Notebooks (fountain pen friendly!). I will also finally present my grail pen, my one time lucky find, my time in the sumgai spotlight, the illustrious Edward Todd silver/BHR eyedropper, wet noodle!

When it comes to my own art I hope to be able to relax enough to make a couple of illustrated dreams, I’d like to write more about dreamwalking. I also plan to get some sketches down for the ideas I have for the Noodler’s competition. Maybe I’ll meet Pingo again. I will read a lot and relax, something I hope that all who read this also will be able to do as well.

Until 15th of July, then.

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