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Title: Hopping Horsebirds
Equipment: Lamy Safari B nib with Noodler’s Apache Sunset. Parker 51 EF with Noodler’s Black. Lamy Safari EF with Diamine Poppy Red (for the tongues).
Paper: Rhodia lined notebook
Inspiration: Intuitive drawing with the goal of making these critters really move. I am not sure I am up to psychoanalyzing exactly why I consistently return to motifs of fish, birds, weird animal combinations and juxtaplorations (my very own, very new portmanteau, it gets NO hits at all on Google. Cool. Experimental linguistics certainly lost a talent when I decided to pursue other areas of academia).
Notes: The Lamy Safari B nib is broad and wet to the point that it is possible to use it as a “brush” of sorts, as you can see in the drawing. No brush, no washes, no brush-pen. Just fountain pens! The technique is the same as in the post Drollerish Alien Landscape, only the black colour is here Noodler’s black instead of Parker Black Cartridge. It is interesting how different the colour-palette becomes after changing only one component. It is like the bluish black of the Parker brought forth the orange in the Apache Sunset, while the Noodler’s black mixed with Apache Sunset made all these greenish hues come through. Another good thing with the Noodler’s Black is that it is permanent when dry, so by blending quickly you get a nice mix, but if you want a clear black line you can get that too.
Important notice: The horsebirds are confused because they cannot fly. This is why they are hopping around in vain trying to lift from ground. As they are not very smart, it is unlikely they will stop hopping anytime soon. Quite tragic, really.
In Other News Coming up: the one-year anniversary of the blog. The 22nd of January!

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I am slightly synaestethic, associating letters, words and numbers with colours. “Drollery” is a light and airy word, like sunshine on warm sand. The -ish ending makes it even nicer. “Doodle” is not as pretty, it is a more flat beige-boring yellow.

That is why I won’t have a ”doodle”-tag, I’ll call everything that dribbles out of my pen under non-controlled circumstances (when I should be writing) a ”drollery” even though it might not strictly fall in the Wikipedia definition of drollery. A sketch is a whole other story (which I too seldom associate myself with) since it is made under planned, controlled circumstances (at least more controlled than the doodle, right?). The semantics is making my head hurt, so let’s go on to the drawing:

Title: Drollerish Alien Landscape
Size: app. 15×3 cm
Equipment: Parker Rollerball with bluish black cartridge ink, partially dried and clumpy with age (also used making my Swamp Elf). Lamy Safari with broad nib. Coloured ink is Noodler’s Apache Sunset.
Computer alteration: none.
Paper: Rhodia lined notebook.
Inspiration: this calls for an explanation of the word “drollery” (see link above). I first encountered it when I was surfing on Wikipedia looking for variations on intuitive drawing. Believe me, SO much fell in to place. This is my scholarly life, people. Weird conglomerations of animals doing unspeakable things in margins of notebooks. Yep.
Notes: The broad, very smooth nib of the Lamy Safari made blending the two inks easy. Mixed, they produced a very nice yellowish green colour I wish I could reproduce. The Parker pen has kicked the bucket, have not found a suitable replacement yet.
Reading tips I own an interesting book “The Hidden Sense: Synesthesia in Art and Science”. It is edited by Crétien van Campen. The link leads to the publisher, you can also find a very extensive list of publications and other resources there. I look forward to exploring several of them myself.

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This is a sloppily cleaned up drollery.

Title: Evil Clown Balloon, et al
Size: about 15 x 4 cm.
Equipment: Parker 51, Noodler’s black. I’ll have to use something else for a while soon, getting a little repetitive.
Computer alteration: enlarging and using “erase”, then changing the size. That’s about as advanced I get. Maybe I should remove this heading?
Paper: Rhodia.
Inspiration: pure drollery. A post on why I prefer the word “drollery” to “doodle” coming up (I know they are not synonyms).
Notes: I get bored with working with pictures in the computer. I have played with the thought of getting a drawing board ever since I begun being able to afford one but I believe it would be wasted on me. I want the colours alive and staining my fingers.
Important notice: Note how the kid with the evil balloon is sad, and the one with the happy balloon is happy. I am not sure why I made them that way, since the evil balloon seem more interesting to have than the other one, which looks rather stupid. I like the pince-nez on the evil clown.
Reading tips I recently bought the book “Clowns and Tricksters” by on AbeBooks. Good service, as always. There is surprisingly few books about clowns, the history and art, etc. An acquaintance of mine went to clown school for some weeks a while ago and she really inspired me to learn more about clowns. I’d love some book recommendations, haven’t been able to find any really good ones browsing around by myself. The Wikipedia article seem good, but I’d like a proper book to read.
In other news I. Have. Found. Clairefontaine. Paper. In. The. Very. Small. Local. Bookshop!!! I am very soon going to make their day and buy about everything they have stocked.
Also, bad news, I think I am not going to be able to participate in the Noodler’s Competition. There is quite simply not enough time. I am going to give it one more chance after this weekend, though. I’d at least like to honor it by doing something, as I think it is a marvellous idea and I absolutely love Noodler’s Ink.

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I have been having a hard time at work lately. Due to various political and local problems, people quitting and such. Not being happy at work and having to spend days solving useless administrative problems instead of doing worthwhile things have made me tired and actually rather depressed. On the other hand, hitting your head against walls does make it more sturdy, ne?

This little drollery, a saucer/sausage, is a little over a year old and made with the lovely combination (if I remember correctly) of Noodler’s Apache Sunset in a Lamy Safari and some black ink (Noodler’s?) in another Lamy Safari (drawin with the tip turned upside down for app 0.5 mm line breadth). The paper is lined Rhodia that is very pleasant to write on, although I prefer my paper blank for obvious reasons.

I think he is flying to a happier place and that he is rather determined to get there. Wish him luck, because I might be going with him!

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