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Title: Old Myller and a trip to Venice
Thesaurus: mentioned in my second post ever on the blog, “myller” is an onomatopoetic word in Swedish that I like a lot. There is not a good translation in english (“swarm” does not cut it. Perhaps “something packed with writhing, moving things that does not have to be disgusting”. Eh. It is not used a lot in Swedish either, but I tend to use many forgotten or underprivilieged words).
Notes: My first try at a coloured myller. Not very successful, this is only a small part of it. I don’t remember many details regarding the equipment. I made it three years ago, when I had just discovered drawing with fountain pens. Probably there is a Rotring Art Pen involved, and black Parker QuiINK (sic).
In Other News: Going to Venice for a week. According to blog statistics 60 views of the blog since 25th of February 2012 is from Italy! Keep in touch if you are in the area or if you have tips on what to do in Venice. I am not going to bring my computer, but will hopefully be able to check my E-mail at times anyway.
In other news: I love looking at the statistics on who have visited the blog. I have had visitors from SEVENTY countries since February this year. That is nothing short of amazing!


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This is part of a bigger colourful myriad I am making for a dear friend of mine. Actually for Christmas 2010, so I am a bit late finishing it. Well, it is still not finished.
Do not stress the Artist.

Title: Colourful Myriad
Size: not that big, 10×15 cms maybe.
Equipment: Oh… Here we go. This started out as a way of practising drawing folds, quite unsuccessfully using George Bridgmans Drawing the Draped Figure. I have probably used most of my equipment at some point when drawing this. Pentel Aquash for the watercolour-brush-effect. The red colour is Diamine Poppy Red. The thin black lines is Rotring Art Pen with waterproof ink and/or Lamy Safari EF with Noodler’s Black. I like Noodler’s better. The Purple is most likely Diamine Royal Purple, a colour I do not like for some reason. The brown is Diamine Chocolate Brown, mixed with Parker rollerball black ink (goes bluish in wash). The green in the eyes (can you see that the eyes are on someones’ back?) is the wonderful Rohrer & Klingner Alt Goldgrün, one of my absolute favourite inks of all time.
Computer alteration: Changed brightness and contrast slightly.
Paper: Seawhite of Brighton (and soon, in May, we go to London again and I will break the bank buying more of this awesome paper!).
Notes: The anatomy is a bit off, I know. Comes from drawing this freehand on a boat. At least that’s my excuse.
Other parts of this drawing is definitely at least PG-13 rated. That is, half-nude females, nipples and such. I did a large part of the drawing on a ferry-trip. I usually get quite immersed in my own private little world when drawing, so I got rather startled when I discovered that I had become surrounded by a group of curious 11-yearolds. They were on a school-trip and very interested in how I could draw something like this. I held an impromptu drawing-lesson (practise daily, have fun), all the while hoping no guardian would come by and take offense at all the (well, three) nipples. The kids didn’t seem to mind. They seldom do. (more…)

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When making the front page to this issue of the fanzine Landet Annien, one of the characters that grew out of my sketches made a greater impression on me than the others. I do not have a name for him, but he is definitely a trickster type of character. I figured, since goggles is practically a steampunk necessity, who are the ones making and selling them? Well, one of them is this strange man, possibly undercover agent, half-thief half-rogue, with the highest top-hat you could imagine. Of course, as I dare suggest the steampunk cliché demands, goggles belong strapped to top-hats and these are not an exception.

Title: Steampunk Trickster
Size: app. 4×20 cms
Computer alteration: I cleaned it up a bit in the computer, stray lines and such, if I remember correctly. Also, converted to greyscale.
Paper: Markerblock A4, Canson 70g.
Equipment: Fiber-tipped technical pens, mostly Staedler, and Pentel Tradio Stylo. As I have mentioned before, this drawing and the Myller (the background of the blog) were made with too expensive fiber-tipped non-refillable pens. Yep, even though the Pentel Tradio is “refillable” to some extent I count it among those pens as well. It performs differently as it ages, becoming bristly and the line uneven (I know it is immensely popular in the comics crowd, so don’t take it personal if you use it and love it. But feel free to let me recommend you some proper fountain pens if you are curious).
Shameless Preaching: To discover drawing with fountain pens (at first Lamy Safari, then refillable Koh-I-Noor technical pens and the Parker 51) was like going from stale water and gritty bread made of flour mixed with sand to a luxury all-you-can-eat buffet. Eh, or something like that. Now I am a happy convert, having started this blog partly to spread the word.


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…and back online!
The moving thing went great and this week I’ve spent getting online and unpacking (still missing camera USB-cable and haven’t found a place to put the scanner). I have a very nice view over blue, snowy mountains and a big bathtub. I reckon those things will boost my creativity immensely (I have used the bathtub eight nights in a row). The bathtub is probably the true reason I have’t updated the blog sooner.

Title: Steampunk Sprite
Size: about 10×15 cm.
Equipment: Rotring Art Pen with Noodler’s Black.
Computer alteration: None.
Paper: Unknown London Sketchbook.
Inspiration: Concerning steampunk, I am personally more drawn to the science/retrotech parts of steampunk than the fantasy steampunk with elves and the like. But apparently this little sprite hovered somewhere in my subconscious anyway, and wanted out. I am not sure it is even steampunk in any way, but I was in a steampunk mood when drawing it. So there.
Notes: Yes, yes, a little cliché-ish type fairy thing, it hasn’t even got any teeth. This is a drawing nestled on a page, adjacent to some other drollery I made at a time when I worked at illustrating the front and back page of a fanzine run by a friend (n. b both links are to pages in swedish!). A post on that project is planned in the near future. (more…)

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I blame Cthulhu

Title: Dancing lady with tentacles (yes, I’m angling for that crowd (no, that pun was not intended))
Size: about 10×7 cm
Equipment: Rotring Art Pen XF with Rotring black ink.
Computer alteration: None. I believe both this post and the previous could have used at least some alteration to bring out the best in them. Will put more effort into cleaning up pictures before posting them when my move is over.
Paper: Unnamed sketchbook from London.
Inspiration: This started off as a dancing lady but ended up somewhere else. I blame Cthulhu. The tentacles weren’t planned at all. Have to make a drawing of this one from the front. Maybe there is just tentacles and no lady at all?
Today’s learning experience None, I already knew how to spell Cthulhu.
Upcoming posts Before I leave for a work-related conference nex week I hope to post a librarian monster and a very colorful myller. There is also another fountain pen post planned, this time I’d like to present to you a very smooth Hebborn with Noodler’s Kiowa Pecan.

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Title: Shrimp Sucking on Tentacle, Pelican Eel Screaming in Background.
Size: ca 18 x 12 cm
Equipment: Rotring Art Pen EF with the ink that came with the pen when I bought it. A pen with too small a cartridge.. Not really happy with the Art Pen, unfortunately, I wonder if I might have gotten a bad one. I have several other fountain pens with stiff, XF/F nibs that are smoother than the Art Pen. Also, it annoys me that it is not possible to post it (I know it is supposed to work, but I can’t make it work on this particular pen) (posting, for the non-pen-initiated reading this, is when you put the cap on the bottom of the pen while using the pen.
Computer alteration: I removed some other fish and various scribbles in the background, but in general I try to keep my notebooks airy so, not very much is removed. Also changed brighness/contrast a little.
Paper: Seawhite of Brighton 140 gsm extra wet strength.
Inspiration: Went to the exhibition ”The Deep” at the Natural History Museum in London in May 2010. Loved every minute! Tagline: ”If you lived down here, you’d look weird too”. Yes, indeed… The constellation of the sketches wasn’t really intended, but it made for a fine title. If I continue like this, I’ll have a very strange crowd following in the end of the year (yes, please!). (more…)

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