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I’m in the middle of a move half a country away, so I expect this posting thing is going to be a bit irregular for a couple of weeks. I’m moving to a place a long way from friends and family, and I hope the blogging will be a way to connect not only to likeminded people on the net but also to people I love that are far away. *Waves* (no pun intended).

Title: Mad Fish Again
Size: app. 5 x 7 cm.
Computer alteration: none on the fish. For the photographs below I used my MacBook pro built-in camera. I think it turned out quite well.
Equipment: Pentel Aquash brushes + ink and Scriptorium Oak Gall Ink with a dip pen with a steel nib (se pictures below). Also Pentel Brush Pen (no picture available). Good pen though, with a big cartridge filled with permanent black ink. The Aquash pens are filled with Noodler’s black and Lamy black. The steel nib is from a thrift store, and I have several of the same sort. They are marked MMYERS & SON 0062, if anyone is interested. For steel nibs, they are nice. Acceptable flex too, and an appealing design.
Paper: Little book of Monsters. Unnamed paper made for dry media. The same one as the Little Green Girl Monster. No problems with feathering in this drawing though, probably because of the viscosity and other properties of the ink(s) used.
Inspiration: The same exhibition as the Shrimp Sucking on Tentacle post from the day before yesterday. When I first thought of starting a blog I planned to name it ”Meandering Towards Monsters”, since I seem to always end up with lots of teeth, bulging eyes, tentacles and giant mouths when I sketch without thinking (the difference in motif selection from when I practise regular drawing with thoughts behind it being, alas, nil (sic)). I am interested in intuitive drawing and will explore this further in the months to come (and I almost wrote ”monsthers to come”, how is that for inituitive?). This is not a particular species of fish/monster but rather my subconscious interpretation of the exhibition as a whole after a night of deep blue dreams of shiny monsterfish. (more…)

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Title: Old tree in walnut ink
Media: Scriptorium walnut ink, sable brush, Pentel Aquash brush (with plain water). The sable brush (a cheaper brand) did not work as well as I’d expected. Suspect that I’ll make room in the art budget to try a brush of highter quality soon.
Computer alteration: I have not altered this image on the computer except for cleaning up the background and making it a tiny bit brighter. Oh, and shrunk it of course. I have it in an enormous size, as evidenced by the detail picture beyond the cut.
Paper: Seawhite of Brighton 140 gsm extra wet strength. 148 x 210 mm.
Inspiration: In the summer I often go out in the woods with my beloved to just read, draw and talk. Especially in the summer when my apartment is extremely hot. At one particular place there is an old oak. This is an, ahem, interpretation of that tree painted freehand. I believe it also looks like a monster with its arms up in the air and a big snout, but I always see monsters in my drawings so I am probably not to be trusted on this.


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