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The Spy!

Title: The Spy
Size: cut from A6.
Equipment: Parker 51 EF, B. Noodler’s Black. Rohrer & Klingner Alt Goldgrün. Waterwashed with W&N Kolinsky brush.
Computer alteration: Scanned, slightly brightened and heightened contrast.
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g.
Inspiration: Lost socks and the birds responsible.
Notes: This is a very secret bird. He is watching you.
Important notice: I now have 32 people following my blog! Looking forward to explore your blogs as well, I also have to get down to business and add to my blogroll and links to the right.
In other news: My iron substitution therapy has worked far beyond my expectations. If it hadn’t been for me getting dragged down by a persistant cough I would be more alert than I’ve been for several years. I have recently started to bake my own bread, which makes me richer, happier as well as almost too proud of myself. This has unfortunately put the drawing on tha backburner at the moment, but it is still stirring somewhere deep inside my subconscious. Just like the Spy, above.
The future of the sockbirds: I am still thinking along the lines of “Sockbirds for charity”. Maybe Kiva, I have recently started to lend via Kiva and I like it a lot. Sockbird 25 dollars, I donate to Kiva, reuse and use again and again for microloans. After a couple of years withdraw and donate to something else (there is a cat shelter I really adore that I’d like to support). The thing I like with Kiva is that you at least seem to get to know exactly who you are lending to and why. Also, a very high percent of the loans get paid back. What do you think, readers?

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