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Varanus congregatiensis

I am not very fond of meetings. Especially not meetings where time seems to falter and stop, or slowly, slowly circle the drain of eternity.

When I was younger and bored in class as a student (well, I was a student until about age 30, so unfortunately not that long ago), I drew. I did not bother to hide it.  I may even have surrounded myself with a small cloud of ostentatiousness while doing it.

Edit: The Birdmonster of 2011, one of my very first blog posts, is a typical example of this./edit

I try to be a little more professional nowadays, but sometimes I slip up and something, or someone, slips out of my pen. This one even had demands. Say hi!


Made in with black Staedler fiber tipped technical pens in 0.1 mm on regular horrid office paper. Note also that I definitely have a regular  writing style a long, sad way from copperplate. Not that lizards generally would speak in copperplate. Or maybe they would?




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When making the front page to this issue of the fanzine Landet Annien, one of the characters that grew out of my sketches made a greater impression on me than the others. I do not have a name for him, but he is definitely a trickster type of character. I figured, since goggles is practically a steampunk necessity, who are the ones making and selling them? Well, one of them is this strange man, possibly undercover agent, half-thief half-rogue, with the highest top-hat you could imagine. Of course, as I dare suggest the steampunk cliché demands, goggles belong strapped to top-hats and these are not an exception.

Title: Steampunk Trickster
Size: app. 4×20 cms
Computer alteration: I cleaned it up a bit in the computer, stray lines and such, if I remember correctly. Also, converted to greyscale.
Paper: Markerblock A4, Canson 70g.
Equipment: Fiber-tipped technical pens, mostly Staedler, and Pentel Tradio Stylo. As I have mentioned before, this drawing and the Myller (the background of the blog) were made with too expensive fiber-tipped non-refillable pens. Yep, even though the Pentel Tradio is “refillable” to some extent I count it among those pens as well. It performs differently as it ages, becoming bristly and the line uneven (I know it is immensely popular in the comics crowd, so don’t take it personal if you use it and love it. But feel free to let me recommend you some proper fountain pens if you are curious).
Shameless Preaching: To discover drawing with fountain pens (at first Lamy Safari, then refillable Koh-I-Noor technical pens and the Parker 51) was like going from stale water and gritty bread made of flour mixed with sand to a luxury all-you-can-eat buffet. Eh, or something like that. Now I am a happy convert, having started this blog partly to spread the word.


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With Teeth

Currently still in the middle of my move. Also on a work-related conference in a place with a rather shaky internet-connection. Let’s see if I’ll be able to post this.

Title: With Teeth
Size: about 15 x 5 cm, app.
Equipment: Staedler technical pen, 0.5 mm (I think)
Computer alteration: trying to make it less blurry. Not succeeding very well.
Paper: No idea.
Inspiration: Dune. If we are keeping this PG-13, which I guess we are. Ahem.
Notes: A while ago I laminated this and put a piece of string with a pearl button on it through a hole in the paper. Voila, instant bookmark. Also good for getting suspicious looks on public transport. (more…)

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Title: The Birdmonster of 2010
Size: About 15×18 cm.
Equipment part fiber-tipped Staedler 0.1 and 0.05 pen, part Parker 51 F nib (?) with Noodler’s Black.
Computer alteration: No alteration whatsoever, except changing size.
Inspiration: This is a doodle that came to life during a boring lecture. My almanac happened to be the closest paper at hand at the time. I also like the notion of a giant bird with teeth guarding my precious timetables and to-do lists. The yellow post-it shows a slightly exaggerated example of my handwriting as well as a man, working name “the Captain”, from an as yet very much unpublished graphic story that has been simmering around in my mind for at least a couple of years now. (more…)

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Title: Dreamy ladies (perhaps clichélves)
Media: 0.1 Staedtler and 0.3 Pilot Hi-Techpoint 5 technical pens. Lamy Safari with Noodler’s black ink. I like the Lamy Studio, I have it in Fine point and I can get a thinner line from the pen if I use the nib upside down. If you draw with pen and ink, try fountain pens, and you’ll never go back. Refillable as well, which makes them more economical. And you can choose which ink you want! The image is edited in PS, contrast and brightness and stuff. I know next to nothing about computer modification, I usually play around a bit til it looks good on my screen.
Paper: About 20 x 10 cm. Old sketchbook from Becker-Hansen, at least 30-40 years old. Cool yellowed paper.
Inspiration: this is more or less the usual doodle-fare for me. Except the strange absence of monsters and teeth. (more…)

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Title: Doubtful Birdman
Media: Staedler Technical pen
Paper: about 3×5 cm, no-name trash paper. Image taken from a lecture note and cleaned up in PhotoShop. Changed Brightness/Contrast and converted to greyscale.
Inspiration: My subconscious.
Notes: Birdmen like this one can also be seen in the background of the blog, for details see the very first post.
The Birdmen are a reccuring theme in my doodles and sketches. Sometimes they have suits on, sometimes they have lots of teeth. This one is just a sketch, but I like his doubtful expression. Note that his mouth goes all the way down his neck. This is important.

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Title: The Sexy Swamp Elf that wasn’t, really
Media: Parker rollerball (black), Diamine Royal Purple and Damson, Staedtler technical pen (waterproof). Pentel Aquash brush with plain water. Daler-Rowney acrylic ink (the white glint in the eye, White 011) added with a regular brush.
Paper: 14×21 cm, Seawhite of Brighton 140 gsm extra wet strength. Great find in London, I love this paper! No feathering, holds water extremely well and have just enough texture to not have the pen slithering away into my lap. Eh. Definitely buying more in May, when we’re going to London again (I hope).
Inspiration: my beloved called me a swamp elf when we were out in the woods together some time ago. I decided to draw him a sexy (swamp) elf with pretty striped stockings as a token of appreciation. It now resides somewhere on his desk at work. Note my inability to spontaneously draw simple light and sexy stuff with pouty lips, breasts and all that. At least I got the stockings right. A friend called this reminiscent of Planescape, which I have not played myself. (more…)

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