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…Sometimes you really have no good excuse for procrastinating, so you should just shut it and get on with it.

Things I have done recently rather than blogging:

1. Researched biopunk. Oh, yes.
2. Continued to plan my collection of botanical SF, Day of the Triffids upcoming. Recommendations of other works welcome by mail or in the comments.
3. Watched plants grow. It is more enjoyable than it sounds. Re: above.
4. London. Once again Kew and Cass art. Bought Bristol board, maybe partly because Ian Miller uses it. I am very curious about it.
5. Failed at keeping in touch with people. An old favourite, unfortunately.
6. Grown Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Swan Lake, a k a Dainty White. This is supposed to be the ‘Fantasia’ cultivar which sometimes have partially/all pink flowers. I will post again if this happens. The plant is from Madeira Exotics, a Portugese shop on British Ebay. I bought it last year. Growing Hibiscus from cuttings is not very difficult, but not for complete beginners either.


I might have drolled around a bit. The title of this blog post is called Back to the classics for a reason, as this is very much nothing new at all and I wish I had something more bombastic to offer. Though there is fish, eyes with feet and what looks like an alien owl involved, which means it cannot be all rubbish.


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Title: Clichélf, racing fish
Size: A5
Equipment: Parker 51, Noodler’s black
Computer alteration: size changed.
Paper: Clairefontaine
Inspiration: If you look at the tags at the right, notice how you can put them together and create new ideas. The ”Elf Fish” was one of them (Ebay Hunting Elf Fish would have been funnier, but alas…). It is really another Clichélf (much as the Dreamy Ladies (Perhaps Clichélves) I wrote about earlier. I might do other combinations. Maybe even an Ebay-hunting elf fish.
Notes: another small drawing inked fast (about 2 hours) freehand, with all the small mistakes that comes with that (lack of) technique. This is clearly visible in several places. The lines of the right hand of the clichelf is crossing the lines of the fish forhead (does fish have forheads?). The shoe is messed up (or maybe clichelves have an extra ankle joint, I haven’t decided). The tail (tail!? What was I thinking?) and the hair points in different directions. An interesting exercise would be to draw this image again, with careful planning beforehand. Maybe a bit bigger (say A4) and clean it up in the computer. Then compare it to the above image. To see where I could land if I put my mind to it properly and acted a bit more like a professional. I like most of the drawing, though. Especially the look on his face, se the detail behind the cut: (more…)

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This is a sloppily cleaned up drollery.

Title: Evil Clown Balloon, et al
Size: about 15 x 4 cm.
Equipment: Parker 51, Noodler’s black. I’ll have to use something else for a while soon, getting a little repetitive.
Computer alteration: enlarging and using “erase”, then changing the size. That’s about as advanced I get. Maybe I should remove this heading?
Paper: Rhodia.
Inspiration: pure drollery. A post on why I prefer the word “drollery” to “doodle” coming up (I know they are not synonyms).
Notes: I get bored with working with pictures in the computer. I have played with the thought of getting a drawing board ever since I begun being able to afford one but I believe it would be wasted on me. I want the colours alive and staining my fingers.
Important notice: Note how the kid with the evil balloon is sad, and the one with the happy balloon is happy. I am not sure why I made them that way, since the evil balloon seem more interesting to have than the other one, which looks rather stupid. I like the pince-nez on the evil clown.
Reading tips I recently bought the book “Clowns and Tricksters” by on AbeBooks. Good service, as always. There is surprisingly few books about clowns, the history and art, etc. An acquaintance of mine went to clown school for some weeks a while ago and she really inspired me to learn more about clowns. I’d love some book recommendations, haven’t been able to find any really good ones browsing around by myself. The Wikipedia article seem good, but I’d like a proper book to read.
In other news I. Have. Found. Clairefontaine. Paper. In. The. Very. Small. Local. Bookshop!!! I am very soon going to make their day and buy about everything they have stocked.
Also, bad news, I think I am not going to be able to participate in the Noodler’s Competition. There is quite simply not enough time. I am going to give it one more chance after this weekend, though. I’d at least like to honor it by doing something, as I think it is a marvellous idea and I absolutely love Noodler’s Ink.

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This link leads to an interview with author China Miéville in The Believer Magazine.

Funnily, the interview is held (sic) by Lou Anders, who has to be the same Lou Anders who edited the short story collection I recommend in this post. Coincidences, huh? Here is my favourite quote from the interview:

“I love this stuff. And when I write my novels, I’m not writing them to make political points. I’m writing them because I passionately love monsters and the weird and horror stories and strange situations and surrealism, and what I want to do is communicate that. But, because I come at this with a political perspective, the world that I’m creating is embedded with many of the concerns that I have. But I never let them get in the way of the monsters.”

He is gloriously, perfectly right and how could anyone not agree with this?

Probably one of the (many) reasons I like the writings of China Miéville is that he seems fascinated with a lot of things that relate to my own personal obsessions. In Perdido Street Station there is a sprawling, twitching city, birdlike monsters and dreams. In The Scar there is sea monsters, deep sea emptiness and gore. All these things among masses of other monsters, fascinations, surrealistic juxtapositions, strange phenomena and a language that almost drowns the synaesthetic parts of me in floods of colours. It makes me very happy.

Why do I do this?

For the love of monsters.

Details about the drawing: (more…)

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Art is Magic

Title: Happy birds with wings
Size: still got to get a ruler. App 14 x 14 cms in original size.
Equipment: Parker 51, Noodler’s Black, Pentel Aquash brush pen with water.
Computer alteration: I removed a smaller sketch in the right corner of the image. I also played around heightening both contrast and brightness. For comparison look at the detailed picture below, that one is not altered at all, comes directly from the scanner.
Notes: I drew this bird and discovered that he was sad. When thinking about it I concluded that he must be sad because he lacked wings. So, through the magic that is art I had a friend of his come over and give him wings. Then they danced.
Paper: Seawhite of Brighton
Upcoming: I draw almost everything freehand nowadays. I am contemplating a more detailed, planned project in the future. Also, my pictures are too small. Small is good and fast but I’d like to see how I’d fare making something on a larger scale. While surfing around the other day I went to the website of Ian Miller, one of my favourite artists. I find his large, detailed ink drawings very inspiring. I’m sure the fantasy-minded of my readers are familiar with his work already.

A detail of the above drawing: (more…)

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Just another couple of deep sea fish to tide you over (no pun intended) til I have landed in my new home this weekend. The fish are from the previously mentioned Deep Sea exibition in the Natural History Museum in London 2010. Right now I am sitting in a totally (well, almost) empty apartment, about to begin the cleaning up in earnest. The risk that I encounter something like those fish below when I clean out the drain in the bathroom is substantial.

I am really looking forward to the move, which I have written before. What I believe I haven’t mentioned before is that I am moving to a place above the Arctic Circle. It’s going to be very cold, there is midnight sun and hopefully a lot of northern lights over the next couple of years.

Once I have gotten at least some of my things in order I am going to make a blogroll of other blogs I like. First out would be the excellent Inkophile, one of the first blogs on the subject of fountain pens, ink and penmanship I discovered. Warmly recommended.

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With Teeth

Currently still in the middle of my move. Also on a work-related conference in a place with a rather shaky internet-connection. Let’s see if I’ll be able to post this.

Title: With Teeth
Size: about 15 x 5 cm, app.
Equipment: Staedler technical pen, 0.5 mm (I think)
Computer alteration: trying to make it less blurry. Not succeeding very well.
Paper: No idea.
Inspiration: Dune. If we are keeping this PG-13, which I guess we are. Ahem.
Notes: A while ago I laminated this and put a piece of string with a pearl button on it through a hole in the paper. Voila, instant bookmark. Also good for getting suspicious looks on public transport. (more…)

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I’m in the middle of a move half a country away, so I expect this posting thing is going to be a bit irregular for a couple of weeks. I’m moving to a place a long way from friends and family, and I hope the blogging will be a way to connect not only to likeminded people on the net but also to people I love that are far away. *Waves* (no pun intended).

Title: Mad Fish Again
Size: app. 5 x 7 cm.
Computer alteration: none on the fish. For the photographs below I used my MacBook pro built-in camera. I think it turned out quite well.
Equipment: Pentel Aquash brushes + ink and Scriptorium Oak Gall Ink with a dip pen with a steel nib (se pictures below). Also Pentel Brush Pen (no picture available). Good pen though, with a big cartridge filled with permanent black ink. The Aquash pens are filled with Noodler’s black and Lamy black. The steel nib is from a thrift store, and I have several of the same sort. They are marked MMYERS & SON 0062, if anyone is interested. For steel nibs, they are nice. Acceptable flex too, and an appealing design.
Paper: Little book of Monsters. Unnamed paper made for dry media. The same one as the Little Green Girl Monster. No problems with feathering in this drawing though, probably because of the viscosity and other properties of the ink(s) used.
Inspiration: The same exhibition as the Shrimp Sucking on Tentacle post from the day before yesterday. When I first thought of starting a blog I planned to name it ”Meandering Towards Monsters”, since I seem to always end up with lots of teeth, bulging eyes, tentacles and giant mouths when I sketch without thinking (the difference in motif selection from when I practise regular drawing with thoughts behind it being, alas, nil (sic)). I am interested in intuitive drawing and will explore this further in the months to come (and I almost wrote ”monsthers to come”, how is that for inituitive?). This is not a particular species of fish/monster but rather my subconscious interpretation of the exhibition as a whole after a night of deep blue dreams of shiny monsterfish. (more…)

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Title: Shrimp Sucking on Tentacle, Pelican Eel Screaming in Background.
Size: ca 18 x 12 cm
Equipment: Rotring Art Pen EF with the ink that came with the pen when I bought it. A pen with too small a cartridge.. Not really happy with the Art Pen, unfortunately, I wonder if I might have gotten a bad one. I have several other fountain pens with stiff, XF/F nibs that are smoother than the Art Pen. Also, it annoys me that it is not possible to post it (I know it is supposed to work, but I can’t make it work on this particular pen) (posting, for the non-pen-initiated reading this, is when you put the cap on the bottom of the pen while using the pen.
Computer alteration: I removed some other fish and various scribbles in the background, but in general I try to keep my notebooks airy so, not very much is removed. Also changed brighness/contrast a little.
Paper: Seawhite of Brighton 140 gsm extra wet strength.
Inspiration: Went to the exhibition ”The Deep” at the Natural History Museum in London in May 2010. Loved every minute! Tagline: ”If you lived down here, you’d look weird too”. Yes, indeed… The constellation of the sketches wasn’t really intended, but it made for a fine title. If I continue like this, I’ll have a very strange crowd following in the end of the year (yes, please!). (more…)

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Title: The Birdmonster of 2010
Size: About 15×18 cm.
Equipment part fiber-tipped Staedler 0.1 and 0.05 pen, part Parker 51 F nib (?) with Noodler’s Black.
Computer alteration: No alteration whatsoever, except changing size.
Inspiration: This is a doodle that came to life during a boring lecture. My almanac happened to be the closest paper at hand at the time. I also like the notion of a giant bird with teeth guarding my precious timetables and to-do lists. The yellow post-it shows a slightly exaggerated example of my handwriting as well as a man, working name “the Captain”, from an as yet very much unpublished graphic story that has been simmering around in my mind for at least a couple of years now. (more…)

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