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In a way I was a little reluctant to expose the Steampunk Trickster in the previous post like I did. Borrowing/stealing pictures, concepts and such are par the course on the ‘net and I am well aware that there is a risk that my pictures and concepts end up somewhere else than in my loving hands and mind if I post them officially in a blog like this (not even watermarked…). The steampunk trickster is perhaps a little bit more dear to me than the others, but I decided to let him out to play anyway. I like how Neil Gaiman in this november 2004 post in his journal likens art to a giant stew. When you create you pick something out, you put something in. Applicable to art as well as writing fiction, of course. As long as it isn’t something that is an obvious ripoff and deserving of ending up on You thought we wouldn’t notice, I believe it’s all good.

And this is all I am going to write about that for now.
I leave you with this view from my new apartment, about 06 in the morning. I get a new and perfectly original sunrise each morning, free of charge and impossible to copy. Isn’t that what life is truly all about, experiencing that which is impossible to relive, making you want to discover what else is out there?

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