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Below is the ceiling of my room in the 19th century apartment.


I am very satisfied. My next ceiling, however, I’ll paint myself.

Art-wise, I have only this thumbbird to add, since I haven’t really had time to do anything else than get acquainted with my new place of work, new city and new place of living. In all, I am very content with everything, albeit a bit overwhelmed. I have gone swimming in the Baltic sea twice this weekend, played several boardgames and managed to both study for work and get some drawing done. This move is exactly what I needed and I have a very good feeling about this.


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This is an Interlude. Presented to you by Thumbbirds.

I have several hopes for this year. Mr Maslow would not protest, since the first hope is roof-over-head and getting-work-to-be-able-to-feed-myself (I am officially job- and homeless in less than three weeks). Another thing I hope for is to network more with the blog. I hope, with a new place of work and no night shifts (EVER!!!), that I’ll get more time and peace of mind to put some thought into what I want to do with my immediate future when it comes to art-making. I have some frightening plans on going digital as well, though I am very reluctant, really. I feel I do have to learn som digital maneuvering to develop some of the (secret) boardgame ideas I have.
Another thing I hope to develop is more steampunk attire and more steampunk illustration. As soon as I find somewhere more or less permanent to live (hopefully in 2013) I am going to modify a couple of headlamps I have had around for some time.

In other news: I have been hit over the head with another area of interest. Beekeeping. Don’t ask me where it came from, it just landed and stuck. I love it.

Upcoming: The 22nd of January will be the second anniversary of this blog. Expect Sockbirds.

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