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A (very long) while ago I promised to make some posts about great things made by other artists. I had just discovered Etsy, and although it gets harder to get to the good pieces amongst everything else, they are most definitely still there.

For the longest time I admired Jewels Wine and now Embryo Drop, Test Tube and a little alien-faced hitchhiker have arrived, all the way from New Zealand to northernmost Sweden. I like his retrofuturistic and dreamish (sic) design and of course the fact that I haven’t seen anything like it before. The little creatures he makes are somehow expressive, which is important to me. I seldom wear much jewelry, so when I do I want it to suit me perfectly.

These critters are not easy to take pictures of. I regret leaving my analogue camera with a special close-up lens when moving up here. In the picture above they are hanging around an old chemistry-bottle which used to contain ammonium carbonate, but now serves as a vase for cuttings. The picture below I had to include, despite the bad quality. They are trying to use my old Swedish pencil sharpener (from “AB Cryptoteknik, Stockholm” no less) as some sort of flying apparatus. Maybe they succeed when I am asleep?

They are exquisite. Immediately after recieving them I put them around my neck. That night, I dreamt more dreams than I have done in weeks and weeks. So, I choose to believe that these little guys are some sort of dreamlings. I plan to expand the little family soon. Perhaps to celebrate getting my dream job and passing my professional exam in august? One can always hope.

Today it is exceptionally foggy and rainy. I love it. This is my favourite kind of weather. Since I uploaded the image it has become even better.

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