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Title: Old tree in walnut ink
Media: Scriptorium walnut ink, sable brush, Pentel Aquash brush (with plain water). The sable brush (a cheaper brand) did not work as well as I’d expected. Suspect that I’ll make room in the art budget to try a brush of highter quality soon.
Computer alteration: I have not altered this image on the computer except for cleaning up the background and making it a tiny bit brighter. Oh, and shrunk it of course. I have it in an enormous size, as evidenced by the detail picture beyond the cut.
Paper: Seawhite of Brighton 140 gsm extra wet strength. 148 x 210 mm.
Inspiration: In the summer I often go out in the woods with my beloved to just read, draw and talk. Especially in the summer when my apartment is extremely hot. At one particular place there is an old oak. This is an, ahem, interpretation of that tree painted freehand. I believe it also looks like a monster with its arms up in the air and a big snout, but I always see monsters in my drawings so I am probably not to be trusted on this.


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