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Going 3D…

Exactly a month since my last entry. Bad blogger! I have kept busy looking at pretty waterfalls…

…and learning how to use a sewing awl…

I am not sure what the glass-thingy is called, but it needed a pouch. I use it to look at small details in drawings and etchings. I have recently become interested in sewing my own canvas bags, rucksacks, pouches, etc. Lots of inspiration on Etsy.com.

In other news I am still Planning for the Future. Still not knowing which country I am going to end up in, let alone which city. Apart from that, things are trudging along. Visiting Norway (Tromsö) next week. Enjoying the recent snowfalls. The sockbirds have been muchly appriciated and there is several left to be presented to you in the upcoming weeks.

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