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Sockbird 13

Title: The Gourmand Apprentice
Size: reduced from A5
Equipment: Thrice damned new annoying Parker 51 EF with Pelikan Black. Parker 51 Fantasy Kullock (demonstrator) with J Herbin Gris Nuage (so smooth, like drawing with a brush). Washed partly with water, partly with the grey ink.
Computer alteration:Scanned, slightly brightened and heightened contrast.
Paper: Clairefontaine 90g
Inspiration: Lost socks and the birds responsible.
Notes: This is obviously an apprentice to the Grey Gourmand. Younger, just as stuffed with sock and just as miserable. I am almost getting a bad conscience here. Next grey sockbird will be happier.
Important notice: The linework (line-work?) on this bird is a bit dodgy. This is how it looks like when your pen is not cooperating fully with you. I miss my old Parker 51 EF so much. The new one does not like any ink I have tried in it so far and it is not possible to write with the nib upside down with it. I am actually contemplating drawing with my Lamy Safari EF for a while. It lays down a way too thick line, but if you use it with the nib upside down you get a thin line that unfortunately is a bit oblique, which I do not like. It’s hard to be a perfectionist.
Today’s Learning Experience: publishing something I am not happy with, partially to demonstrate how this particular problem looks like and partially to keep me humble 😉
In Other News: I am very satisfied with my latest creative endavours. Upcoming is my own coat of arms, more sockbirds and sneak peeks at the boardgame currently in developement. Some more ceramics. I have also made a character drollery for Schedim, drawn freehand while waiting for takeoff at Heathrow in May. Better scan possibly coming soon. It is a musically inclined goblin with a penchant for spiders.


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